Sex when pregnant

Ive just found out that I'm pregnant and my partner and I are so happy! Problem is we haven't had sex since we found out. I don't want to freak him out but he's very sensitive about the issue. How can i talk to him and make him realise that it's still ok (and normal) to have sex. Also all the advice out there says it's ok to "make love" but are there any things you suggest we should avoid?

Congratulations! Hope everything goes well, and you MUST keep us updated on the progress.

Getting the doctor to talk to him about it is probably more reassuring than second hand internet information (not that I think people here won't give you great tips lol).

Good luck!

Good for you!

There's planty of material avaiable which says that sex during pregancy is ok, and crayola's suggestion about talking to the doctor is a good one, assuming you have a GP who is a good communicator about these sorts of issues.

Alternatively (and from a bloke's point of view) have you considered showing your partner that you would like to have sex by taking the lead in bed, initially concentrating on mutual masturbation or oral sex, building up to penetration over a few days/ his hormones overcome his sensitivity in this area!

You will find some advice against agressive penetrative sex in the third trimester, although I remember waiting in the maternity ward for my partner and our newborn to be brought through and watching a midwife tell a very heavily pregnant and overdue lady and her man "I know you have been in here all day but nothing's happening, you will need to go home and come back tomorrow. You should try having sex, it might start things off" The look of horrified disbelief on their faces was a picture!

I hope everything goes well for you, including in the bedroom!

Congrats Tatiebee! Hope all goes well... I don't really have any good advice re: pregnancy sex, but I'd imagine you'd have to be more careful with using toys, making super sure that they're really clean to avoid infections and the like...

Fantastic news! Congratulations Tatiebee :-)

The previous comments cover any advice I'd have given on the sex angle. Beyond that I'd suggest avoiding processed food. Try and eat fresh food prepared by yourself and cut out the junk. Plenty of organic fruit and veg if you can, and avoid factory meat - it contains hormones, chemicals and lots of saturated fat. You are what you eat - and so is your baby.

Good luck - keep us posted!

Aww congratulations!

I'd agree with what has been said so far - I found that I didn't like sex as hard and fast during pregnancy as I usually do, so we had to take things a little easy in that respect... however enjoy yourselves! There's more blood in the vaginal area during pregnancy so many women find they're permanently horny and needs lots of amazing sex! (sadly not me, I lost almost all interest both pregnancies, which is also normal).

Congrats Tatiebee.

Nothing else to add apart from, if your baby is overdue, according to old grannies (which of course I'm not....). Fuck your brains out to try and induce. I've been told, doggy style is best in late stages of preggers to bring labour on!

I wish you, partner (I hate that word) and new sprog well. XX

Thanks everyone, just back from a restful week away at a log cabin in the Yorkshire Dales and althought it didn't turn out to be the dirty week away I'd planned we did have some very special moments.

It feels a little weird to do some of the dirtier things like anal plus I feel sick constsntly but I'm sure that once I get used to the idea of being pregnant and a bit more reassured after my scan we'll be able to relax a little more.

Hurrah for weeks away :)

Not sure if you're into this kind of stuff, Tatiebee, but I came across it on one of the many blogs I read - it's about BDSM while pregnant! It's all a bit extreme, but there are one or two good tips in it that I wouldn't have thought of. And some really obvious ones, like 'no electric shock play'. Duh.

Congrats Tatiebee on the baby news, my partner and i have just found out that we are having an extra one to the tribe. im in the same pickle but the other way. i love to have sex with my partner but she's worried about it hurting like it did with our last and because of this it has turned her off. has any one got any help on what i can do to get things steaming again?

and once again congrats on the good news, i hope we can keep each other informed on how its going lol?

the baby is very well cushioned during pregnancy, but if he wont have that then encourage him to lick you, after all if you are happy then the baby wil too

Huge congratulations to both OA Pregnant ladies and dads to be.

Sex when pregnant, my advice first 12 weeks take it steady cervix is still quite low in the pelvis and can be irritated, so slow, sensual and hygenic. second trimester most morning sickness worse pregnancy feelings are gone, do what you feel comfortable with as usual, and again hygeine, obviously if there are pregnancy complications your midwife will gladly answer any sex related questions. third trimester main problems is a huuuge bump and positions, play around find what works for you. I had a pelvic problem with my seocnd little one and still managed a healthy sex and toy life!!

Obviously this is just my take on things after having 2 kids and is no way medical advice, what I am trying to say is nothing has to change as such. Warning giving a blow job and swallowing is the allegedly best way to induce labour in the last phase as its the quickest way the body will absorbs the prostglandins in the semen, but its a horrid thing to attempt when you're suffering with heartburn! semen flavoured gaviscon ewwwww.

Ask your midwife about any concerns they will have heard everything (and worse) all before.

A happy and healthy 9 months to you xx

J xx

congrats hope you have a healthy boucing baba :)

from a blokes point of view i can totally understand you OH reservations .. i was the same, was horny as hell but wheneve the thought of doing the deed entered my head i would break into a cold sweat.. i had this recurring dream not going into details it wasnt pleasant ... so i scoured the internet ad as everyone said had a quiet word with a gp (happened to be an old college friend) and with the info on some of the better websites and his advice i lost my (honestly say) my fear and "wow" i lost two good months OH turned nympho during her term lol...

so my advice either get the info and shove it under his nose or pounce lol .. he doesnt know what he is missing lol

secondly ... i was told unless your OH is huge and when i say huge i mean huge in te member department how ever hard he thrusts or whatnot he cant touch the baby so its safe in its own little word for now :)

hope this helps if not just consider it a rambling of a man at 12:30am