Sex with a sex doll

Hi, just wondering if anyone hear owns or has used a realistic sex doll, I am thinking of getting the pro elite Roxy lifesize doll from love honey, I like the idea of the built in vagina, I just wonder what is it like to own a sex doll, are they hard to keep clean, also would the vagina last long with all the lubricant etc as it is something I would use quite a few times a week, also I plan to dress the doll in a sexy outfit thinking the secretary look black skirt white blouse, blach bra and suspender belt etc but an nit find out what size clothes this doll would be or the dolls height. Basically my 2 main questions are how easy is it to clean after use, does anyone know the height and size of doll and are they definitely shipped in an unmarked secure packaging, imagine the courier turning up with life size doll hanging out of the box or a big colourful box with a ,life size image of Roxy printed on every size and having to carry it up the drive past the neighbour's, and my other final question is on the order page it says order before 6pm for next day delivery and spend over £60 for free next day delivery but at checkout page the only options are 48 hours via DHL or pay £6.99 for next day. I was already to order this on Friday at 5 PM but it was saying delivery would be Wednesday I was hopi g it would come Saturday or Monday latest, hopefully lovehoney might also read this and give their input.

If you want a quick response from Lovehoney then you may be better off contacting Customer Care directly. 👍 I imagine the size of this item would mean that it's courier only, so the normal delivery times and prices for Royal Mail won't apply.

And don't forget to add your Unlimited or Account discount. 🙂👍

@ Ian chimp... I tried live chat but apart from telling me it is delivered in a 1.5 metre box just under 5ft, they could not tell me the actual height of doll, they said the box length will be height of doll but the jenna doll for example claims to ne 5 ft 4 tall but also comes in a 1.5 metre box, when I mention this the agent just said well it will probably be the same height then, not very helpful on such an expensive item. Preferably for realism I would like the Roxy doll to be 5ft4 tall also but am none the wiser. Also on the images of Roxy she has a very nice face and skin tone accept the last image where she is sitting on bed in red chemise, if she looks like last image would not be that impressed. A lot of money so I need to be sure of what I am buying.

That's a shame. I'm surprised they didn't know the exact dimensions, they're normally quite knowledgeable (especially with Lovehoney brands). Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

Hey! Roxy is 158cm (Roughly 5'.2")

Hi Brenna, thank you for the reply, will be happy with thaf height, can you tell me if Roxy looks more like the first set of images or the last image in red chemise?.

Out of stock, never mind, I guess if you snooze you lose.

From my experience nothing comes in marked boxes so I would safely assume the same no matter the size of the box.

I've seen these dolls but cant imagine where people keep them when not using, like just leave them in bed?! If you kept one in a wardrobe if would scare the life out of a burglar so thats something I guess haha

On the subject of what are sex dolls like, I had the ‘pleasure’ Of trying out my friends whilst flat sitting for him last year. His was a high end doll with all the bits. Having gone through a messy divorce he treated himself. My wife came with me to try it out at his flat and the event turned into quite a nice three some. With a little lube in all her holes ( doll not wife ) I slipped in nice and smooth. My wife was surprised at the realistic look of the doll and when I was on top she said from a distance it looked real. With all holes available you can be spoiled for choice. Cleaning? We just rana bath and washed it all over making sure the hair didn’t get wet as there was no way I or my wife was going to take her to the hairdresser 😂 Overal a nice experience. Would I buy one? Not at the moment as I get more than enough from my wife but I can understand the allure of the sex doll.

It might sound strange, but sex with a realistic doll is a big fanatsy of mine. I would love to try it!

My wife said "in theory" she wouldn't be opposed to me buying one. But then we talked about where the hell it would be kept, how easy it would be to hide when family are visiting, etc. Pragmatically, I'll probably never take the plunge into buying one.

What I'd really like is a Japanese sex doll. They make some amazingly attractive ones. However, they are very tricky to import I think.

I've just spotted these LuvDollz in the sale with 40% off (a nice £1000 saving). Limited stock though. I don't know if these would interest you?