Sex without Penetration is Hot

We have been playing at pleasuring each other without having PIV. Over the last two weeks we have done this on weekdays and it has really spiced up our weekend sex where anything goes.

We usually start by playing with ourselves whilst watching each other. We then play with each other sometimes using massage oil. Finally we rub our genitals together until we orgasm. It’s soooo hot! Does anyone else do this regularly?


We don’t ever go in with the intention of being penetration free, but we regularly have sessions together where wifey will come when I go down on her and then ask me to face- or titty-f*ck her and cum either in her mouth or between her breasts/on her face. One of the :heart_on_fire::hot_pepper: :heart_on_fire: hottest :hot_pepper: :heart_on_fire: :hot_pepper: we’ve ever had was a session of 69 where my penis was between her breasts, she was propped up on a pillow licking and fingering my anus and playing with my balls, and I was licking her clit until we both came together quite explosively.

So not regularly or intentionally for us, but YES there is tons of fun to be had without penetration.


Nope…. I’m too greedy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. I want to finish off with PIV. I want to feel him, I want that hot :hot_face: passionate and sweaty sex.
I’m just too greedy to leave out PIV :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dirty-Wife. It’s the denial of PIV, which makes our weekends so much more fun.


99% of our sex is PIV free. We have a female led male chastity relationship so she decides when and how I am allowed to come and controls her own orgasms completely. I get edged constantly but am rarely allowed to come wheras she comes at least once every day.
Penetrative sex happens a couple of times a week but its her penetrating me with one of our strap-on dildos.


Have to admit I’m with @Dirty-Wife. PIV (or PIA) is a must for me. The other stuff is lovely as a build up.

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I often think you can have great play without penetration and in some ways takes any pressure away from preparation


Quite often here actually. Not really thought of it before. Thimk we often just get carried away with the foreplay. Mrs C rarely cums from PIV, so need to make sure she cums from clit stimulation, and that can take sometime to be honest, however once she has had the first one, she tends to change gear (10 times one after another yesterday for example), amd that tends to send me over the edge!


Nooo this would drive me insane. I’m also (like @Dirty-Wife ) too greedy .


It’s got to be done :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Pretty common here too, get carried away with the play


Absolutely not! enjoy every part of sex but I ache without PIV and I need it.


Yeah I love it too its hot using lube or oil is hot too. I’m bi so I love scissoring :100::hotsprings:what can I say :kiss:


Another female here who definitely enjoys the fun to be had without PIV…. But my uterus literally aches (in a good way) when we haven’t been filled in a while. Idk how else to explain it, maybe it’s an instinctive thing :woman_shrugging:
But I’ll happily take both :joy::joy:


Hahaha 100% same love a bit of both greedy girl​:hotsprings::100::kiss:


Haha - made me laugh reading this thread :slight_smile:

Ultimately, after lots of playing around. my wife like PIV, but we love that whole ‘slightly tantric’ thing - I hardly move and she gets really busy on the clitty with fingers and toys.

Sometimes we play around with vibrating eggs, rarely does she want oral from me (has to be in a certain mood - don’t know why) and she’s not a fan of dildos (although we have a crystal one she’s fond of). Sex without penetration is hot - I love it - but she will always at some point say, “it’s time for cock” :slight_smile: "

Have to say, I love the feeling of being inside her, while she takes charge and goes through a carousel of different toys and two or three orgasms.

Simply divine :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :lovehoney_heart: :lovehoney_heart_2: :lovehoney_heart:


I agree it’s incredibly hot as a penis wielder. I love to please.

And I do it to excess. I also love to self deny. I also have a (good natured), Control fetish which all couples together nicely.

I’ve always loved pleasing the woman I’m with until they are desperate. They see how clearly aroused I am and how much leakage I have while doing my thing.

I go crazy when women beg me to “please give it to me finally etc,” comments. I have a longstanding history of not complying.

When I finally decide to do so though after fetish level pleasing (to completion of their orgasm to rinse and repeat), , or stopping their orgasm at the exact second they are about to get one with out PIV, and they are squirming with anticipation (either due to repeated orgasms without PiV or repeated denials without PIV.)

When I can’t take them begging for it anymore and finally do penetrate, the sheer level of pleasure they exhibit has always been the “end goal of the fetish.”

It’s made better when they are still “enjoying themselves repeatedly while I’m penetrating for a while, before I finally cave and am incapable of denying them my “release,” and when it’s done after that much build up/kink/fetish level activity.

The results are explosive for both of us and unbelievably satisfying.

I find nothing sexier than telling a woman no, when they are pleading for me to do what most other men expect to have women make them feel at the beginning.

To see the confusion, “why am I having to ask when I’m always being asked,” dynamic is reversed and they finally realize it.

Maybe I’m weird. I just like the psychological effect being clearly displayed when the role reversal is recognized.

I guess it is similar to how i find it so much more enjoyable to make the “woman chase me,” rather than just be another man chasing her. Even though I’m chasing her just doing it differently and making her feel I’m not until she feels like she has to be the pursuer.



Unfortunately I don’t do it regularly but I’d love to

sound suspiciously like my husband…

Haha. Well. I would say unless…

But My GF and I aren’t married I’m fairly sure you can stay unconcerned I’m your husband. :wink: