Sex work and relationships

Has anyone had any experiences with online sex work in their relationship? With content and opportunity being so readily available, I wondered if anyone’s taken a dive into the world, or whether it’s hindered relationships? It’s something I’d suggested and we’d tried years ago, just kept it relatively tame and anonymous as possible. I can say it made things quite exciting, as well as the benefit of a few £


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@Gazza_64 - Mate, I think you’ve kinda missed the point of the thread! :grin: - It’s not “sex, work and relationships”. @JC94 is asking about “online sex work” and its effect on relationships. :wink:


@PleasureDrone m my aunt mate I been a bit busy last couple of hours lol sorry :+1:


I guess it’s depends on the type of sex work and how strong the relationship is. I know many people these days do onlyfans and it’s seen as a new normal making it more acceptable for couples to do as long as they never meet up with others without the partner knowing…

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I think it can be done without imploding a relationship, but - much like swinging and open relationships - it can wreak havoc if both people aren’t on the same page about it.