I was wondering if anyone else has this?
I regularly wake up in the middle of sex or sometimes don't even remember having sex, I don't force myself on my girlfriend or anything she says I start kissing her neck and running my hands all over, she actually says she enjoys it because it tends to be really passionate. She's not freaked out about it or scared I won't stop as there has been times where shes been really tired an doesn't want it and told me to go back to sleep and I always turn round and go back to sleep.
She does find it quite funny and maybe a little insulting when she asks me in the morning if I remember having sex and I look really confused and don't remember a thing lol
But there are times when I wake up half way through which is a bit strange but there's no point wasting a good opportunity to have a good session so I tend to carry on :p

Yes we have both experienced this with each other and there are times where we both can't remember having sex in the middle of the night.

How do you know you had sex then 😝

Not something I've experienced, but if she's fine with it and you're not hurting her, I don't see there being a problem. You must just be a horny sleeper!

lol probably or she's the horny one an she's been tricking me all these years lol

I meant it has happened to us on different nights to both of us where one of us can remember and the other can't.

I used to do this a lot but I haven't done it for years. Sometimes I'd wake up in the middle, other times I wouldn't know unless my boyfriend told me. I also once spooned my friend when a load of us stayed over after a party 😂

I woke up once with an ex partner ( current partner at the time) grouping my boobs. Its not something I'm personally okay with because I like concent to be enthusiastically and consciously given for sexual activity, but I understand it does innocently happen sometimes.

18 months ago living in a student house share, my girlfriend at the time (at a different uni) was there for the week but after travelling, the first night we were in bed asleep by midnight. The day after the girl in the next room complained to me about how loud we were having sex in the middle of the night and how she could hear everthing but neither of us recall having sex.

In the past we had randomly woke up in the night and had great sex, '3am sex' as we called it, but we always remembered it. From what was said and knowing what we were like, we thought this happened to us, just neither of us could remember.

I used to do this fairly regularly like once every few weeks, i would often have the same dream too , and im not sure if this was the case or more of a placebo sort of effect but it always happend the night i would have a big Mac, ive only done it a couple of times in the last year but the frustrating bit is my wife says its absolutely the best sex ever... yet i cant remember it :(

It tends to be much more passionate when this happens

It literally happens atleast once aweek for me sometimes more. My missus says she comes so much quicker when it happens

It literally happens atleast once aweek for me sometimes more. My missus says she comes so much quicker when it happens

Yeah ive gone through period if this myself..with a few partners...
Sometimes ive worken up "halfway through" and at others ive had no idea until ive been told the next HAS caused problems in the past with an ex who was "off sex"..and when my other half has been really tired.
It has made me very dubious and nervious about attending events where i have to "sleep out"
As i am not 100 percent sure any of my friends would like to be woken up with me trying to fuck them...😐