Sexual Blueprint - What's yours?

So I recently watched ‘Sex Love and Goop’ on Netflix and was introduced to the ‘Sexual Blueprint’ which is a blueprint that allows you to better understand how you are erotically wired to best receive pleasure.

Now I’m a skeptic about most of these things and so far have only done the free online quiz which involves 10 questions. Yes only 10 questions, that are fairly vague too in my opinion, but it profiled both me and my partner so accurately.

There are five different blueprint types: Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky & Shapeshifter. I was adamant that I would be ‘kinky’ as I’m rather adventurous and imaginative when it comes to sex and I was completely unsure on what my partner would be as I can’t really place her in any of those categories easily, she also agreed with this.

My results came back to my surprise as Energetic, but once I began to read into what this profile contained a lot of my ‘kinks’ or ‘desires’ started to make sense from this perspective. It also highlighted my ‘sexual shadows/weaknesses’ which again made so much sense. It also mentioned that ‘Energetics’ are often the most misunderstood of all, especially in cis-gendered men which once again resonates with me and some personal feelings I have dealt with in the past.

Now onto my parter, the category I would least place her into is sexual and when her blueprint came back, it was indeed sexual. When she initially told me I was telling myself inside my head well that’s not right, but once again after reading the breakdown it couldn’t have described her any more accurately. Very interesting and thought provoking indeed! I don’t have her results email to hand so I don’t want to begin to explain the blueprint from memory but happy to update a later point if people are interested or maybe someone else could chime in.

If this is new to you and you would like to check it out, I will attach the link for the free quiz here.

Would also highly recommend the Netflix series Sex Love & Goop, it has a very interesting perspective on sex and desire throughout.

Has anyone else took the quiz? If so what was your results and did you find it profiled you accurately?

** There is a paid version of the quiz, which is just under $20, we haven’t done this yet but I’m definitely going to suggest it to my partner as I think we could both learn a lot about each other and how to best serve each others blueprint. If anyone has done this I would love to know if you think it’s worth the money?

  • Energetic
  • Sensual
  • Sexy
  • Kinky
  • ShapeShifter

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Haha oh wow this sounds so interesting and I definitely am gonna give this quiz a try now :smiley:


ooh! sounds interesting. I will definitely check out the quiz and report back tomorrow if I get a chance.

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Once you’ve done it let us know how well matched your blueprint is, will be interesting to see if it profiles everyone accurately! Make sure you read the full email as at first we were questioning our results but they definitely represent us.

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Definitely recommend, I will await your reporting! :joy:

I was “Energetic” - absolutely no idea how that conclusion was reached from my answers to those questions :rofl:


Mine was “sensual” which didnt really read like me either :laughing:
Some bits yes, big chunks of it…not so much


I was Energetic. Sounds about right for me haha

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I felt like it was very apt for me, although at first I was a little confused. I think the paid version gives you a broader breakdown of your blueprints for all 5 and what percentage you are, I might complete it for research purposes if nothing else :wink:

The only thing I guess I wouldn’t agree with is how it mentions that energetics can reach orgasm without touch, I’m not sure I’ve unlocked that super power just yet :rofl:

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I guessed that I was going to get sensual but landed with Energetic instead, was pretty certain that I was going to outcome as energetic, perhaps that would be my second biggest blueprint.

Team Energetic!

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I mean, yes, as a word that is probubly me. But the description is really odd :laughing:

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Just added a poll to my original post, could be fun to create a tally and see how the community is split if people decide to give it ago. Mind adding your results?

@ALH72 @Green_Eyed_Girl @KentCouple1990


I got Sensual as my result and it seems pretty darn accurate in places! :nerd_face: quite bonkers really just from 10 questions haha

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The questions baffle me to be honest, I feel like 10 questions is not a lot and they’re also fairly vague and non specific. Guess there must be some logic in there somewhere…

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There are some weird questions and grouping of seemingly unrelated things.

How many of us incorporate crystals into our sex lives?

Yes maybe they’re more specific than what it looks like as first glance, or maybe if was to take test again would end up with a randomly new result that still feels a good fit lol

@FindingLibido haha, I certainly have never used crystals nor would that appeal to me naturally, but who knows maybe one day! You could be onto something too @AJSTAR perhaps you could find relevance to many different blueprints.

I think myself and my girlfriends are very accurate but I haven’t read the others to know if we could drop ourselves into those too.


Yes, the healig crystal answer bemused me too :laughing:

I mean lots of us here use crystals or glass but I don’t think the survey means it in that way. Maybe we’re doing it wrong.

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