Sexual fantasies over the in-laws??

So on a soap I'm currently watching, there's a girl who is in a relationship with one guy but she is also sleeping / running around with with his twin brother.
Now, I have never has any ounce if sexual attraction to a member of my other half's family, or those of previous boyfriends.. But my question is: Have you?

What soap is this? As for your question I have never felt anything like that, It would be weird to me to think of any of my partner's family as anything other than part of my family.

It was Hollyoaks. To make it worse, she's agreed to marry one of them now too!!

Bizarre!!! No never!!

Uh. No way Jose...though bizarrely when I started seeing my OH the thought did cross my mind...'what if I fancy his brother more than him?!'
Luckily I didn't/don't!!!

It's a weird thing to even consider, which is why I asked. It seemed unusual to watch on a TV show and even weirder to consider actually happening. It appears it isn't a common occurrence..

Ewww no but years ago an ex's brother hit on me in a pub?! It was so weird and obv I sent him packing!

Though all (bar one - only child) have sisters rather than brothers, and I didn't find them remotely attractive.

My partner has an identical twin and I would never ever or have considered he is attractive in any way! Totally couldnt do it.

I have turned down an advance by a former sister in law ( now divorced from my middle brother! )

Probably the only secret I kept away from my Mrs as I didn't want a murder on my hands!