Sexual fantasies

Whats your top 3 sexual fantasies ?

1. Has to be watching my wife with another woman ! It'll never never happen but hey, I can dream !
2. Fucking her fully up the arse. I reckon this could happen one day, but I need to be patient....
3. Watching my wife masturbate without her knowing I was there.....difficult in my house, but I would love to catch her in the act !

1.My wife and her best friend, having tied me up, both sucking my cock and their wet fannys abusing my face.

2.Me and another guy, both in her fanny/arse at the same time.

3.One day my wife will read this thread, so the third can't be told....

1. I'd love to treat my partner to me and a working girl in an amsterdam red light district window brothel. Kissing her with both our mouths wrapped round his dick.

2. I often fantasise about having sex in a bar with other people watching and having some other people around who I fancy to join in starting with them kissing and caressing my breasts continuing to double penetration on the bar.

3. The standard making love on a sunny white beach in the surf would be nice. Oh, make that with Johnny Depp.

Can I change my mind about number 3?

3. I think it really has to be seducing one of my mates one sunny afternoon and having her husband come home, watch for a little while until we both spot him. Then we would have to persuade him to join in.

Shame my wife aint one of your mates, then we I can crack fantasy no 1. and you can nail fantasy no 3. !!!!!

I would agree with all three of rampantcouple's fantasies, although I would add change
1. fucking her from behind while she goes down on another woaman.
2. No difference.
3. Fucking outside in broad daylight, where I'm open to suggestion.

1. ide like to see my wife fist fucked by another woman.
2. my wife fisting another woman.
3. then both of them abuse me till i cum all over both of them.

1. Having my own harem of gorgeous girls to come home to and play with.

2. The exact same as Debora Cheri's (great minds think alike, eh?)

3. Possibly having good times with a gorgeous girl whilst my boyfriend sits in the corner, unable to do anything but watch and cater to our demands for drinks, etc (but that's partly because I know just how much he'd enjoy that).

These are in no particular order...

1. Being picked up at a bar by my man while pretending we don't know each other, and having loud crazy sex in a hotel room. Afterwards, we would go our separate ways and meet at home as if nothing had happened.

2. Spending the night with a woman who would spend the whole night pleasuring me (I've never been with a woman before).

3. Having sex at the nude beach where we would be semi-hidden, but where someone could see us if they looked hard enough. I love knowing that there is a potential we could be seen - it's exciting!

Now I just need a boyfriend! LOL!

1.being blindfolded and tied up... i love to be teased
2.fukked and fondled by at least 5 hunky men
3.a bit of dp. as im just experimenting with anal at the mo.. so this more of an aim than a fantasy

and i gotta say guys ... you should visit a swingers club... cant beat it for watching being watched and generally all round fun!!!

1. watching my wife fuck a black guy and then finishing her off.
2. a little bit of bondage and a whole lot of toys and a minimum of 4 hours of play time
3. her and 2 other ladies

1) In a tent in desert with a least 10 arabs in full dress ready to please....
2) Grab the postman by the collar when he knocks to deliver my e-bay parcels & fuck him senseless!!!
3) Tamer Hassan (Football factory/The business) in my bed...NOW!!!

1) To have sex in a feild while it rains, I wanna feel the water drizle down my frunt while I ride my man.
2)to be fingered in a cinama.
3)to make love in a lake.

I know thwy are tame compaired to you lot but hey!

The postman... eewww my post man is a minger :S yuk!!

1) My wife being a totally obedient and unquestioning sex-slave for 24 hours
2) Being a totally obedient sex-slave myself for 24 hours
3) Having 3 or 4 beautiful women devoted to my pleasure for a night

HEHE I think most people have your third fantasy... well with a couple of changes depending on what you like!!! :P

Laynie, almost identical in terms of already done;
1. Screwed in daylight, well almost, in a foggy field outside Leeds, the wind could have blown the fog away any moment revealing yours truly!!
2. Fingered a gal in a Morris Minor, arguably even less space than a cinema seat ha ha
3. Tried making it in Stocks reservoir, Forest of Bowland, on that occasion had to wade for miles as it was so shallow, by the time l got to cover my embarassment l was suffering a distinct lack of ardour and also weasel dick syndrome. On other occasions though l have managed a periscope up in like circumstances, and there you have Ladybower and Damflask on your doorstep !!! What you waiting for gal !!!!

Oops forgot to mention my "Big" three.... will get around to it sometime though.

In a lake for me is a huge no no... :( my hubby dont like em cos you cant see down... maybe in some nice blue sea... where you can see the fish..oh and sharks :O never thought of that lmao....
We have done it in the fact I broke my brace today biting on my wrist watch while we was in the car... Problem was explaining it to the dentist, whom insisted on seeing me that hour I phoned... no time to make up a story :P oh well!!
Maybe I gave him some Ideas to try out..cant hurt huh?
Never know he may be on here soon giving his 3 fantasy's :P lol
Muhahahah I corupted my dentist... that would be fun.

Just take the dentist chair home with you.......and open wide !!

HEHE^^ yeah... he is fit too...but he is also married... strange because he isnt good looking but he has a sexyness :S...
Any way its great to see you Lesly hun :D

Yeah, fleeting visits these days glad your still here, still as lovely and mad as ever....see "challengeangela" tried and did it with the Paul Masson bottle.....brave girl!! Did you see the Lady Sonia clip with the "denist" chair and the f**king machine....that is seriously tempting !!