Sexual Fantasy

Hello, this my first thread after lurking on LoveHoney Forums and 1st time purchaser (2 weeks ago)


I have NEVER been afraid of experimenting, sexually, with my boyfriend of 10years. I am comfortable in telling him things, except one thing......

Anal Sex...... When I think about doing the deed with him I get very excited and have the urge to have anal sex with him there and then!, then as soon as we get round to doing vagina sex, my fantasy suddenly turns into a living nightmare!!! I hate feeling this way, as my boyfriend chimes up about it, every so often and I'd love to make his dreams come to reality.

We have tried it once, about 8yrs ago. I didnt have a probelm with it, however I was nervous. He only manged to slip it in for afew minutes, before the dreaded voice in my head told me to stop!

I didnt feel any pain, just a tad uncomfortable.

My main fear is ~sigh~ the mess, I feel comfortable to clean myself out, etc. But its the during and after I'm afraid of the most!

I would just like someone to give me their personal experience of cleaning and try to explain to me that mess doesnt always happen.

I just dont want something to happen, to kill the mood or our sex life forever! I've tried explaining my fears to my boyfriend, but unfortunately his gag reflex is very poor (he heaves when he thinks of wet bread!)

We have a healthy sex life and he was the one who introduced sex toys into our life (he enjoys using them on me), we try to have sex at least 2-3 times a week. He makes me very happy, but I just need abit of help!

Thanks in Advance!

Amazon.... have you read the very useful guidance on anal in 'Community & Advice', above. Go to LH Blog..... Sex tips..... (bottom right) click on No.3. I reckon if you follow the advice there, you won't have any significant problems.

maybe if you started by experimenting on your own with a dildo, you would get a better understanding of how it would work and the reality would allay your fears

Have a look at this buyer guide it may help -

Before I had anal sex I got used to playing on my own I highly recommend a douch as I like the feeling of being clean knowing I am not dirty - dead easy and simple to use .

I then recommend LUBE LUBE LUBE -

I started off with this butt plug it didnt really do anything in the pleasure sence but just something to get used to something going up my ass -

Then worked my way up to this using lube plently of it moving it in and out like his cock would be getting used to the feeling I recommend you do this when your relax I used play with my anal toys after i have cum via clit or with my toys so I am relaxed -

Then I got this as its more like a cock to see how much I could get used too -

It was about 6 months playing by myself finding the confidence before I had my OH cock inside as I wanted to be conformatable with myself and know what I like. Take it slow lube up and make sure hes well lube and take it at your own pace . I found being in the doggy position worked for me best.