Sexual health and communication survey

Hi guys,
I’m studying to become a sex counselor/sexologist, and as project for my course I’m running a survey to investigate how communication around intimacy and sexual needs work, what problems arise, and people’s attitudes towards seeking help and services around such issues. Finding participants is difficult, but I figured this might be the very best place for it!

The survey should take around 10-15 minutes to complete, and I’m looking for getting as wide a spread of people as possible, so all countries, ages, gender identities, and sexual orientations are more than welcome!

Thank you so much

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Edit: If you see your e-mail when you start the survey, that’s because Google uses the account you’re currently signed in with. No e-mails are collected in this survey, but if you’re uncomfortable seeing it you can open a Private/Incognito window and you’ll see it’s gone!


Hi, welcome to the forums.

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I guess it’s the account you’re logged in to – however, no e-mail addresses are collected, it’s totally anonymous. No worries though, thanks for taking a look!

Hi, thank you!
I came to post the survey, but I’ve been looking around and might stay for the entertainment :grin:


Yeah I might have taken it, but it automatically tried to insert an email address that I hadn’t even typed in…just an account I was logged into in another window.

So nope. I’m skittish of computer stuff that acts creepy.

If you open the survey in a Private/Incognito window you won’t see the e-mail there. It’s simply the account you’re logged in with in your current browser session to make it easier IF you set the survey to collect e-mails, which I do not in this one :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum! Hope your able to gather all the data you need for your coursework :smiley:

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Thank you! And thanks for highlighting the issue, I updated the description in the survey just in case!

I put it in a private window with a link, and it worked. :+1: Thanks for adding the message about email address privacy.

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And thanks so much for taking the time and answering – it’s gone really really well! :raised_hands:

I have removed the survey from your post, while understand that the Lovehoney Forum is a unique and interesting space, we do not allow external surveys to be posted here.

Thank you for your understanding