Sexual peak for women?

I've not long turned 36, I had a hysterectomy earlier this year although I kept my cervix and ovaries.

Recently I find myself horny, like all the time!!! It's like my clit is throbbing for attention all the time!!!

Have I suddenly hit my sexual peak? Because I never was this horny before!

Maybe... I'm not sure. I guess is it's probably your hormones running riot after your op ?

I'm horny, throbbing and wet 24/7.....I've always been like that so I don't know any different. My advice would be to just enjoy it as much as you can while it lasts 😀xx

It was April I had my operation so rather a long time ago now.
But maybe, I dunno what it is but it's leading me to have to "take care of myself" in the day and normally I wouldn't bother!! Lol

Im no Doctor, but if I may, this sounds like a sweet side effect if it is a rebalancing of your hormones. If its a sexual peak that wouldve come naturally Im gonna happily wait for that! I think if theres no discomforts, if you feel good about the time you spend either with self care or with your partner its more then ok. go for it! That sounds like a gift really.

Looking at my own experiences over the years I have noticed that my libido has increased and the more comfortable I got with my sexuality and sex in general, the more I welcomed being aroused at any time of the day or night. If theres a possibility that my body can crave it more, Id be very open to that.
I wish you many wonerful adventures in play, enjoy lovely![](upload://4WyQT1gwKaQJNwhYxrKZ1rOPglF.gif)

I think my peak was around 20-21, at that point I was taking care of myself multiple times a day and wanting sex whenever I saw my OH. Now I can go weeks without either! 😞 But we do have a child now so that's probably a big factor. I don't feel like my hormones have ever returned to normal since then.

Hopefully my true peak is still to come 😀

I felt that I'd hit my peak in my early thirties, and the good news is, I'm still in it! (I'm 36)

I am perma horny, it's both a blessing and a curse 😂

Yes, 30's for me also!

I was horny all the time in my 20s. I calmed down on my30s getting married and getting pregnant, but now I'm 100% horny and I love the feeling. It's like I'm sure what I like, what I need and I just go for it, I've learned to enjoy my sexuality and I'd masturbate 24x7 if I could.

I found it was when I turned 21

Congratulations! The most frequent response on sex and orgasm a year after hysterectomy with cervix and ovaries intact always bring a big smile to us women. I had mine 12 years ago.
I've been and I'm still experiencing better sex and more intense orgasm since my hysterectomy.

Im mid twenties and still horny all the time XD