Sexual Teasing or being Teased have you had any unintentional orgasms?

Have you been the one teasing someone but it went to far and made that person orgasm? or maybe you have been the one teased, what was said about it how did you act?

The first time i knew i didn't mind getting sticky was when i had a thing for this woman she was alot older than me i really wanted to be with her but she said i was to young for her, but it didn't stop her from teasing me every weekend down the pub, she was teasing me all night, she was having fun and i was but i think i had more of it that night my cheeks went red and Oops in my underwear lol she could see what happened just by my facial expressions she laughed and cuddled me, i think she might of got a buzz out of it as she went all giggley and a bit red.

That was my first time and i owe it to her for her making me like having sneaky orgasms lol