Sexy clubs (but not swing clubs)


First post on here...

My partner and I enjoy dressing up and have a growing collection of hot clothing. I'd like to know if there are any classy clubs and/or restaurants (London/Beds/Cambs) where we we can wear our clothes on a night out.

We're not into swinging and she finds swing clubs a bit of a turn off (which rather defeats the object). We know of TG / Club Rub et al. but they seem a bit intense. A lot of conventional clubs are full of kids out on the lash (nothing wrong with that but as we're slighly older than that it's a bit off putting). We're really just looking for somewhere where overtly sexy clothing is acceptable/expected. Somewhere where we can dance to 90's / 00's / trance. Just a good, sexy night out really :)

There is a place called pink punters in bucks, people dress and do what they like. Really I think it's a bi, gay club but anyone goes x

I'd recommend gay clubs too. Usually more accepting of sexy clothing without being too sleazy or extreme. Unfortunately I'm not from the area, so can't suggest any. I'm just talking from experience in my local area. You get lots of straight people/couples in gay clubs.