Sexy Ideas for Husband's 50th birthday

So it's hubby's 50th birthday in a few months and we are off to NYC. I want to try and give him 50 presents/experiences/wish list including sexy ones. I've got a few things - sex chequebook, role play game, sexy underwear ( for him and me). Tickets for Museum of Sex so he can have a bounce around in the booby bouncy castle. Tickets to baseball game. I've bought remote control love eggs and intend giving him the remote before we go out to dinner for his birthday. Asked him if he has any sex scenario he wants to play out - he wants to have sex against window with view of Empire State Building fortunately we are staying at hotel with ESB view so that's not a problem. I'm only up to 20 presents all in all so would appreciate any suggestions of presents, toys or sexy scenarios I can add. Or if your someone who knows NYC well a suggestion of sexy clubs or places to go.

Join the mile high club on the flight there. Buy him a personalised erotic novel (google ustar novels)

Have a boudoir photo shoot, get the photos printed in a book to give him on his birthday.

A boudoir shoot would be amazing, especially with some of the amazing outfits LH do! You say you have a sex chequebook but how about adding your own too? You could do ‘submissive/dominant for the day’ gift vouchers? Or a hotel room for a little getaway and hubby gets to choose what you wear and what toys you bring? Or he has no clue and you do all the packing and sorting?