Sexy picture for my wife


Im married to my wife 1 year and been together 8 years. I go to work and she looks after 2 kids the poor soul. To say the least she is not always in the mood whilst im at work and she is trying to keep two ferrel chimps alive (i do love them, both boys, a lot of energy)

We used to send nudes a fair bit as i worked away a bit. Since 2 kids shes remained a smoking 10. I on the other hand have been significantly nerfed (cod reference).

Question one. Do women find pics sexy?
Question two. Pic of what? The junk does not hit me as a oooh yeah effect on a woman like something she sent to me would be.
Question 3 any tips? I just want to suprise her a bit.

Thanks in advance.

Be gentle


I like mystery in photos, I like something hidden in photos to make me want more.

So my suggestion is a chest photo - open shirt, unbuttoned jeans, no underwear and just showing a peak of the base of your penis.
Play around with the filters on your phone for lighting.


Thanks Jo! :slight_smile: that is something to go on.

Less is more basically?

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going by what my mrs says, she wants to see me in the picture, not just my junk

Thanks. I am getting a bit of a theme

Yes! Make her want more. After shower pic from the side, hold your towel over your penis at the side and turn your upper body away from the camera so you’ve got a nice angle, your bits are covered but she gets a nice pic of your bum and body still wet from the shower.

There was a guy I knew, used to take pics like I’ve described and smiled in them, but cropped it so his mouth was missing. I could see he was smiling from the shape of his face, but his smile was missing, drove me crazy!

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Nice. That sounds amazing. Ill post how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Great suggestions from @JoCat . This topic resonates back to some 20 years ago when I still ran amatuer post yourself type websites. This topic was one of the top five most actice topics. Gay guys, straight males, and females don’t want a close up of your dic or a cum shot. Satin robe & boxers, on the edge of an infinitely pool or a wing back chair with soft side lighting was way more interest. If you are into outfits, show them off. We actually had the most fun with a themed photo contest each month. Show me your hats. Create a sexy outfit with garbage bags. Find a creative way to spell the website name on your body. Etc.

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I’d say yes and to make it more of a teasing photo to leave much to the imagination for her to get excited about

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