Sexy Surprise Advice!

hey guys!

i've been trying to think of new and exciting ideas to try in the bedroom with my SO as it will have been a long time since we last saw eachother and want to suprise her

although when we meet up we wont have access to our toys :c

any ideas both romantic and kinky would be apreciated thanks guys! x

What kind of things do you guys normally like to do?

you could try an alternative massage? A no hands massage ? Tying her up and use ice cubes all of her body, trailing them down her skin but holding it in your teeth?

If you can find suitable things for sensory deprivation, blindfold, ear buds etc. Then the previous suggestion around ice cubes is fantastic. The first time I did this for my OH, she was dripping wet with anticipation by the time I had blindfolded and put the ear buds in her ears. She had no idea what was coming and the second I touched her nipples, one with ice and one with a warmed teaspoon, she had a massive orgasm.

Actually, thinking back, she had more orgasms that night than any time before or since and was completely wrung out by the time I released her arms and legs. Must try it again sometime ;)