Sexy Talk

Yay or nay? And do you feel shy when doing it? I sometimes feel shy to start with but my boyfriend is great at it and I relax into it in no time!

I find it hard in person. Im ok sending texts and messages but actually saying it sounds weird to me.

I think its partly because of my upbringing i very rarely swear. If im alone and i stub my toe then i will swear, but i dont in normal conversation.

with dirty talk a lot of it is either swearing, or using words that i normally wouldnt so to me feels like swearing!

Totally love to hear it, and don't really have a problem with doing it myself either. I find it such a turn on!

I love to hear it and I do it myself. It's a fantastic turn on

I would love to do it but yet I also find it hard ... Especially knowing what to say

when I get asked ... I just end up laughing with nerves :(

I would love to, but find having a 15yr old son in the next room kinda puts a dampener on that sort of stuff!

I do sometimes when im very very horny.. ususally just saying harder or giving him instructions and I feel silly afterwards. Partner doesn't sex talk but did the other night and it totally turned me on!

I enjoy doing it my oh won't so I say all kinds of stuff to him. Sometimes though I think I can't beliee I said that. I have found that when I do talk dirty he is very excited.

Dan Savage once said talking dirty is easy, you say what you are going to do, what you are doing and what you have done.

Love doing it, love hearing it. The more dirty and raw the better. I've never really had an issue with doing it and dont feel embaressed by it.

Love a bit of sexy/dirty talk, it's a big turn on. I can feel a bit shy at first, but once I'm into it, it's great. Love the reaction I get from it :)

Total yay! Love hearing it, saying it and if your partner is into it then it's easy and such a turn on! I need communication during and sexy talk is spot on!

I never swear openly in public but im ok when it comes to dirty talk in the bedroom. When i used to have sex with my oh i loved talking dirty to her because it felt right and a big turn on. I would imagine it was more of a turn on hearing it coming from someone who wouldnt normally use those type of words to come out and say them. Also when im having a good solo masturbation session i sometimes talk dirty.

My OH is painfully shy in the sack. He has never told me anything he wants to try, likes/dislikes beyond "that feels good" when I have his dick in my mouth. I tell him exactly what I want and have been told I am too crude before.