Share Your Sex Tips and Win Some Sex Toys!

Do you know a great sex tip? Tell LoveHoney and you could win something from their £1,000 pile of sex toys!

All you have to do is go to LoveHoney at this page - a href=" and enter your sex tip and your Orgasm Army username.

The members who submit the best tips by the end of September will win a sex toy or something ace!

Good luck!

already sent in 3 tips *fingers crossed!

Congrats to everyone who won something in the great sex tips giveaway -

What did you win? Tell us here!

Darn it, I missed that one.
I've been far too busy recently :(

woohoo i got an email saying i won something :D i havent been able to afford anything new for a while..damn student budget! :D so this has come at a great time. Thanks lovehoney once again for being so fabulous and well done to everyone else who won something x

Are these winning tips etc actually available to read on any of the boards within OA or LoveHoney ????
Or are the winning ones just too nawty for public display ???

don,t blame the post man,i got my prize two days after recieving a email from lovehoney saying i was one of those winners,still enjoyed it ,even know it was noisy.