Sharing Videos

Just wondering if there's a site that I can upload videos that my husband can then download onto his phone. I don't want to send over something like Facebook messenger and bluetooth seems to be hit and miss.

Thank you :)

You could set up something like Dropbox save it on there get him to sign into your Dropbox on his phone then save it that way?

Hope this helps :)

How about making a secondary profile on say BBM, snap chat, Viber, WhatsApp or Kik. Making sure you have your profile to private and nobody can guess your username to add you. BBM is outdated a little bit, this can also be privatised and they have to use a code to add you and you have to accept others. I hope this helps

Thanks :D I'll have a look

I use Dropbox

Whatsapp or kik is good or a type of cloud storage, like google/dropbox etc

If you don't like Facebook, don't use WhatsApp. They're the same company. 

Why not just email them? 

We use Kik or Tumblr we only use kik between us so no other contacts.

I use whats app or kik, email is difficult because some servers have file length restrictions :)

Im one of those so called boring compuer geeks, with a Floppy Drive, full of stats n meta data


im happy to forward them on.... to any device in any format

Its nothing we haven't seen before... (Cheeky Giggle)

A Movie..?
Confessions of a Computer Engineer.
Would make 50 shades of Gray look like Blue Peter

Its scandalous what "you think" you have deleted off your Memory Stick, Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, or PC.

Google Drive is perfect for this.
Quicker than Dropbox and the interface is a bit safer/better for sharing.