Sharing wishlists

I am thinking of sharing one of my wishlists with someone. I just wondered what information they can then see? I wouldn’t like them to be able to see all my reviews, posts on the forum etc.

You can share one in an email to yourself first. :+1:

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Hi @Mrs_Y If it helps, I have just clicked on your profile and it has taken me to your LH page which shows the items you have reviewed and also what is on your wishlist.

You can share a wishlist with friends by email from your Wishlists page. :+1: It doesn’t link to your community page directly, but displays a selection of the items in the email itself. And there’s also a link to ‘see the full list’, which includes all the wishlist items, but not in the usual wishlist format. It does reveal my username, but still no direct link to my community page.

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Perfect! Thanks for your replies everyone @Ian_Chimp and @Welsh-Warrior. I’m going to try sharing it with myself first - I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! :joy: