Shaved or Hairy?

I replied to a similar topic but it highlighted an issue that I’d like to get opinions on.

Am looking primarily from the opinions of women but guys are obviously too.

I recently shaved all my body hair, legs, stomach, shoulders and top of my arms. Only left a small line of hair at the base of my shaft and light hairs on my balls (shaved balls are very spiky when the hair grows back).

I feel so much better about myself, it’s more hygienic and feels much cleaner.

My wife said that the hair didn’t bother her but it bothered me purely on a personal level.

What’s the ladies thoughts on body hair? And guys how do you feel about having it if you do and have you shaved it all like me.

I just shave from navel down to and including balls, for a few reasons, i think it’s only fair if my OH is smooth, that i should reciprocate, once i did it i liked the sensitivity and i worked in a steel mill for 25 years, in the summer the heat wearing a boiler suit over your clothes for protection was intense, and i sweat buckets, so being smooth and using a bit of talc was more comfortable!


We all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to body hair. I’d say just go with what makes you feel good :grin:

Personally I like a man with a bit of body hair! Chest hair is a bit of a turn on for me. As for pubic hair, I can’t say it would bother me either way what my OH decided to do


I think you should always do what makes you feel the most comfortable so this will be reflected in your confidence in the bedroom.
My hubby, after a very long time decided to shave his bits - we both lived the results so he now does it all the time.
The hair never used to bother me before but now that it’s smooth, I do love it more especially for oral.
So now I’m trying to keep myself smooth more often so it’s nicer for him too.

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I feel exactly the same. I’m not bothered whether he grows it or shaves it :slightly_smiling_face: Although if it’s trimmed a bit it makes oral nicer but I wouldn’t insist on it. As long as it’s clean then it’s ok by me! :grin:


I have trimmed his a couple of times. It can get a bit tickly when I’m giving him oral! :laughing:


I like hairy on a bloke every bit and everywhere…love rubbing my nose in it.


Over the past few years we both have grown our pubes from October to the end of March. We then both completely shave all spring and summer. Previously we were both shaved smooth all the time. We have found that this change of landscape is quite exciting and provided different feelings during sex.

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My wife likes my current combination of trimmed (but not shaved) body hair but fully shaved public area.


I don’t really care about body hair either way, smooth can be sexy, so can hairy. I’ve never understood why society seems a hairy chest sexy and a hairy back not - they’re the same hair?!

I do prefer a trimmed pubic area though, simply because it’s much nicer on the mouth - one of my pet hates is being midway through something fun and gagging on a lose pube and having to stop to fish a hair out of the back of my throat :nauseated_face:


Mr John is dark skinned and has dark body hair (which I love). When he had to be shaved for his vasectomy it looked a bit odd. Like a hairless island :desert_island: :joy: I do love his chest hair but if he felt more comfortable shaved I wouldn’t have a problem with it.


Then I suggest you wait until you’ve finished!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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I personally like hair on a man, it makes them look more manly and dominant!


My wife a bit nervous about trimming me. Can you give advice.? Like her shaved and she is happy for me to do it for her.

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Hi @Iwill - welcome to the forum :blush:

My hubby generally uses his hair trimmers to trim the hair down first, then shaves. He does this himself but I’d be happy to help if he needed.

We have just got a home waxing set - we are going to try waxing each other and see how that goes.


At the moment shaved pits and balls and bits. I prefer, wife prefers it. Better for oral and sex for both of us.

Tried shaving my chest once and it made me look 12. Neither of us were a fan of that style, although i do now buzz over the chest with a set of clippers, just feels neater and fresher.

Apparently for fun we are gonna do waist down and see how much of a laugh that is :joy:

It’ll grow back ,eventually, if it’s not our thing.

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I trim my chest hair to keep it looking neater.

Pubes are shaven.

Legs untouched, never had the inclination to shave them. Personally prefer the look of hairy legs.

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Gotta have leg hair for sure - but apart from that I’m not too fussed on hair.
I’m personally not really a fan of facial hair neither, unless it really suits the person.

Shaven from just below chest, shaven balls. Leave leg hair as is. Mrs Sen shaves pubes 1-2 times a week, underarms and calves.

For us, its a personal preference thing. If she doesn’t shave and is a bit stubbly, I still will go down on her, and vice versa, if its just before a shave day she will still perform oral on me (just calls them hairy kiwi-fruit).

I’m allowed to grow all the facial hair I want, but if I do choose to grow any, I also choose no kissing, no breast / nipple sucking and no other oral/mouth activities either, but the choice is mine… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We’re both trimmed