Shaven or Hairy Vulva

@What do you use to be so smooth i seem tobe stubbley even after shaving

Have you tried the venus pubic razors? They are the only thing that works for me other than waxing xx

@littlemisslulu Hi yes i think.its because i have really thick dark pubic hair thanks for the suggestion

Prefer shaved/waxed. Makes me want to go down there to eat and never come back up. But to be honest, i’d do that when the OH hasnt shaved for a while

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I absolutely agree, the variety is so nice. Each has its unique sexiness! She was shaven for so long at the start and it was great. Then she started letting it grow and it was the first hairy vagina I’d ever had and it was fun. I liked the look of it. Then she let all shaving go down there for over a year and that was hot AF also, so natural and primal! It’s all good no matter what!

I seen these and wasnt sure, good to know they are worth a try.

I like to descibe mine as… you wont get hair in your mouth, but theres still some there to tease.
Or if I’m too loosy goosy with the hair removal cream. Bald

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Prefer a little bit of hair, groomed nicely is even better

@Beckyson what hair removal cream do you use

Ive been a bad husband my wife is quite hairy i usually keep her totally smooth

They are the only things I use now anything else causes shaving spots for me

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