Shaven or hairy

How do you like your man. I prefer shaven but have just been watching some porn with my oh and found some of the men, even though well hung and attractive a big turn off because they were hairy. Needless to say i make sure my oh is completely clean before oral. What are your thoughts?

Neatly trimmed. I don't like bald for him or me,I wax but keep some

For me shaven as I just feel cleaner that way, I like my partner trimmed!

I'm either closely trimmed and tidy or if I feel up to it completely shaven. I prefer little on my OH when giving oral but it's not a big concern for me

I like my husbands balls nice and smooth but around his cock to be trimmed.

Well trimmed, dont want hair in my mouth thank you ;)

We both keep ourselves trimmed .

Trimmed over Hairy any day

Smooth around the balls, but neatly trimmed around the shaft is my preference.
But if I'm lost in the moment then I couldn't care less :)

honestly don't care. as long as I'm not literally spitting out hairs every minute then hey ho, don't mind hair on a man

Neatly trimmed is perfect

I've never really thought about it, I'm more concerned about chest hair (there has to be some there!), I agree with popk1n, as long as I'm not spittinghair out then anything is fine ^_^

For me, I like to be nearly clean-shaven. Usually I have a small strip of hair, but right now I have them shaved into a heart :D For my boyf, he keeps his pubes natural and I like it.

My boyfriend is quite hairy in most places but shaves all his pubes and balls. He's always done this since we've been together so I haven't seen him with hair at all. I don't mind he shaves and he says he only had pubes for a year or two before he started shaving them and just prefers it without.

Both of us shave we like everything smooth especially my balls .

Neatly trimmed if not bald

I like a man to be trimmed. A bit of hair is fine by me. It's just polite to keep the area clean and tidy :)

I wax, everything off! Beats shaving.. no irriatation, finer hair growth, longer lasting.

It's either got to be completley bald and maintained, or hairy, anything in between and I get irriation when we have sex

Trimmed or shaved depends on my mood

I'm quite content with neatly trimmed, seems more 'manly' in my eyes having some hair there lol ... plus I doubt my OH could be bothered to keep up with being completely shaven