Shelf tops or chestless tops

Hi all

looking for help please.

my boyfriend and I were watching some porn the other day and I saw a woman wearing a chestless top. My boyfriend refered to it as a shelf top but I can't seem to find them anywhere. can anyone help?

ive looked everywhere and can find bras and corsets and bodies all cup less but this was definitely a top. Like a tight TShirt just with not chest area. It had sleeves and came in under the breast think it was made of some stretchy material as pushed the boobs up a little for support.

any help would be greatly appreciate


Try open cup in your search or shelf bra or 1/4 cup.... I have a great open cup dress.... but dont put in chemise or u get night dress wear :)

Have you Googled, Lycra top Bustless Images ?

Check out Cyberdog. I can name them right? They sell rave/cyber wear, not, well, anything LH sell :')

Also google.

Or embrace the power of cheap tops and scissors >_>

LHWoman, is this what you are looking for,
see why you like it!

Thanks everyone. Not exactly what I'm looking for but on the right track. I think the scissor option and a bit of sewing will have to be.

thanks anyway and If I find a site I'll keep you posted

Are any of these close to what you mean? 

Cottelli Underbust Chemise with Lace Panels

Cotelli 1/4 Cup Longline Bra and Suspender Set

Black Level PVC Open Cup Corset

Coquette Half Cup Fitted Black Chemise

I would suggest searching for words like 'underbust', 'open bust', 'open cup', '1/4 cup', 'half cup', 'quarter cup', and 'cupless' for more results...