shoes and boots

As much as i love lh i think the choice for sexy shoes and boots a little limited.

Does anyone know of any reasonably priced sites they'd recommend?

Awww man!

In sure cazz has mentioned some alternative places for boots before (although obviously not toy shops)

your best bet is to google some of the brands (pleaser for example) and go from there as there are plenty of non sexual happiness places that stock the same sort of shoe.

Aww cheers grace any help is always appreciated x x

Although we don't stock every style, most of the shoes we sell are made by Pleaser. You could try looking up Pleaser shoes (these include Bordello, Ellie and Penthouse) online to see where else you can buy them? If you see a style you like, try adding it to the Pander To Me thread and, who knows, maybe we'll stock it!