Shortest sex you've ever had

Any play involving the Hot Octopuss Jett is over pretty quickly :rofl::exploding_head:

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I can’t say that I have any memorable or embarrassingly short times. Even the first time with my wife we were informed enough to ease in slowly with lots of lube and really savored taking it all in. I had gone down on her first as well. I suppose I couldn’t have lasted longer than 5 minutes, but it didn’t feel short in any notable way.

These days, if wifey invites me to just slide in behind, I can be done in about two minutes if she’s made it clear that she’s not interested in an orgasm.

I think the fastest we’ve ever clocked where we both cum would be about 8 minutes with her on top for an intentional quickie.

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For those of you familiar with fireworks , especially fire crackers . When they have been around for some time without being used and probably moved a number of time , the fuses do NOT burn slow . They basically explode instantly . Think of a cock that has not been used for some time as an old firecracker , can go off in an instant .


For me it was without doubt the same answer I gave in the “Did loosing your virginity go smoothly” thread, I was overcome by the excitement of the moment and that I was finally going to lose my virginity I only got as far as penetration before cumming!!

My personal shortest time was with my clit sucker were I came in less than a minute. I’m not sure of the shortest sex we’ve had as he usually lasts quite a while. I’d be quite flattered if he came in seconds :grin:


I don’t think the fact that he lasts a long time is meant to be unflattering. I think he’s probably trying to make sure you have a really nice time :grin:

Less than 1 min using my lovehoney wand and that not being on the highest vibrations

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Many years ago I worked abroad and hooked up with one of the reps I knew for a mutual one nighter. Literally seconds. Bit embarrassed so tried again following morning. Same again! She didn’t say anything but I was gutted. About a month later I started seeing a new rep who was also sharing the same house… And things were much better. All I can imagine is how that poor girl must have felt hearing the headboard rattling after our previous experience.

She was a red head and super horny so I’m blaming that!

I always cum quickly after a few thrusts just can’t last longer a ho

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