Should i hide my toys?

Not sure if this was the right place to post this but here goes.
I live at home and I keep all my toys in a drawer in my bedside table. As i know my mum only comes intoy room if she has a load of clean washing for me.
We have guests coming to stay and they will be staying on my room. Do you think i should put my toys on a better hiding place when they are here to visit?

If they know it's your room, with your things in it seems unlikely that they would try to put their own things away in the drawers (although still possible) meaning if they opened the drawer and found them it would be through nosing through your things, which I'd say is an invasion of privacy and their own fault if they're embarrassed. It depends whether that would bother you or not really, There's also the point of if they and your toys are in your room, you're not going to be able to use any of them for the duration! I'd leave them if it were me, mostly because I'm too lazy to find somewhere else for them to go.

I would move them just in case they decided to open the drawer , sometimes people can't resist being a bit nosy.
Plus you might want to use them so it would be better if they were handy.
Really I suppose it all depends on whether they or you would feel embarrassed if the toys were discovered .

I'd move them just to be safe! Ultimately it depends on whether you'd be comfortable with them discovering them or not, ideally they wouldn't be looking in your bedside drawer but you never know.

All depends on how you would feel if they found them. We're on holiday at the mo. And have a house sitter in to look after all the animals. All our toys are in the loft boxed up and locked up.

I would. Wouldn't wanna risk the harassing moment 🙈

Just for your own peace of mind move them, you'll just be awkward not knowing if they've seen them, although, if they do see them it's got nothing to do with them, but my family would deffinately gossip about it. It depends how comfortable you are with them

I would move them, you never know how noseysomeone would be !

If you are nervous about the possibility they might find them, put them in a travel bag, padlock it and put it in some inconspicuous place where similar rarely used objects tend to rest until they are eventually needed...

If you are not that nervous, put something really, really dull on top of the toys as they rest in your drawer - a boring magazine and some empty sheets of paper for your printer or something like that.

Sorry I think this is a bit of a no brainer ! a small lockable breif case or a lockable file case both cheap easy options availible from anywhere from Staples to Argos !

I would definitely move them. Some people can't help themselves when it comes to snooping around. Even if you are comfortable with finding them, they might make a big deal out of it.

Or, as I don't know these people I don't know where their limit lies, they might even think it's okay to try one out thinking you can just clean it after. People can be unpredictable and even a little dumb in situations where something unexpected happens like finding a drawer full of toys so I would move them.

I would hide them too. Plus you may want to use them, so it would be good to have them with you if possible :)

To some extent it depends on the guests-their age and how well you know them. Do they have children who are likely to open drawers? How embarrassed would you be if they found them? What if they got damaged? People can be incredibly nosey.

Personally, if I was in the least unsure I would move them out of the room completely or lock away. A small suitcase would be inconspicuous.