shve cream or wax

we used to shave fed up with instant irritable stubble we both gave veet bikini a go perfect smooth no stuble love it
do you prefer to shave cream or wax

Professional wax every month- easy, stay hairfree, doesn't hurt too much and is really convenient IMHO.

I agree about waxing. I get 'done' every 4 weeks and it's easier each time. The hairs are definitely much sparser than they used to be.

Veet gives me chemical burns.

I wax my bikini line and trim the rest. The boyfriend used to swear he preferred girls bare, but he absolutely loves what I do.
The first and last time I waxed it all off, I ended up in pain for two weeks, itchy for the following two weeks, and got some pretty bad excema down there, despite following all instructions I could find to make it go off without a hitch. It was not a fun experience and rather put me off.

I like to be completely bare down there but would never trust myself to do it!! And my toxic strength hair grow back far too damn fast, but I really like my monthly waxes, I miss it when I can't one. You do get used to the ouch factor, just have painskillers before you go.

I would only have waxing professionally done. At home kits are just so messy and hurt more - and usually don't do the job right :-/

I used to cream it all off, I liked it that way but went back to trimming as I changed cream brand and got burnt. I'm thinking of getting waxed for my wedding and honeymoon though :-)

Shaving down under just makes razor rash and stubble - never again!

I would like to wax simply because it lasts longer but you have to let the hair grow long enough to wax or it won't work so I generally use cream (loving the in-shower stuff). Its pretty quick & you don't get stubble rash when it grows back. As you can slap it on you don't have to be too precise either. I must admit to being naughty and shaving at times but I only do that if I don't have time to leave cream on. I try to avoid shaving as I get a lot of ingrowing hairs from shaving which is itchy & not very attractive!

Miss Kitty, you gotta have it done properly for your wedding, stubble on your honeymoon wouldn't be good! How about something special like a playboy or vegas wax? Maybe you could wax the shape of a heart and dye it red or wax everything off & use bikini gems? Now that would be an interesing wedding night!

I cream it all off - it's a bit messy but if you do it in the shower then rinse off then it's alright. I'd love to get it waxed though as that'll last so much longer, but I don't want to do it myself (lol) and I'm too embarrassed to get it done professionally :p

My epilator can apparently be used on the bikini line, so I might just take some painkillers and give that a go :D

I always shave everything right off, using Nivea Sensitive Foam for men! (the ladies foams are too perfumed for my sensitive skin) and a LadyShave razor. Usually done every night in the shower. Less painful that way. Then plenty of moisturiser after my shower, works a treat:)

i ust to be waxed but iv had 2 kids and i sware that chid birth less painfull than a wax !!! i use sensitive imac or veet its fine no pain and its all gone in less than 10 mins

I shave, got a rechargeable shaver, would feel embarrassed flashing my p*ssy to get waxed professionally but it does drive me insane how quickly it grows back. As I like to be totally bald, but luckily my fella will usually shave me.

Goodness, am I the only one with hair left?

I like the novelty of going bare--I used to do it on occasion for various partners--but I can't imagine the upkeep on always being hairless. Besides, I rather like the look. A little more hidden and secretive, I think. :)

Also, as an aside, going bare reduces my ability to enjoy rougher sex for longer. What they say about the hair being thick and curly to add a little shock system is very true, in my experience.

i use epilators- (braun), hair dont cum back 4 ages!

mcbirdie, you're not alone, I've still got hair! And I'm with you, I think I prefer the way having some fuzz looks -- but I always have liked being a little mysterious.

I'm glad to hear it, Miss-Nomer--I was starting to wonder if I was just lucky to have found the last guys in existence who have ever seen women with hair before. Maybe I got some of your exes. ;)

Professional wax. The full monty every time, save a skinny racing stripe that I trim. But, have to admit I absolutely luuuuurve GETTING my wax. My waxer is gorgeous and I manage to skate just the decent side of turned on not to be inappropriate or make her uncomfortable. Always follow a wax with a day commando and the whole experience never fails to have me high for the rest of the day:)

Shave - Would like to try the waxin thing but dont think I could leave it long enough, plus wouldnt no where to go where the i'd feel comfy with the staff who r gonna do i.

I know this is an ancient thread, but can any ladies help.

My wife has always gone frequently for bikini waxing & has just started having brazilians. We both love the clean look & feel of it, however it soon grows back & she has to leave it so its long enough to wax. Seems a long ride for a short slide!

How long does it have to be for an effective re-wax. Do the cream defuzzers last any longer? Is there a decent electric pubic shaver etc (no way will she wet shave) that will leave it smooth.

I think the hair has to be at least 4mm for a effective re-wax, and the cream stuff, usually only lasts a week, perhaps a lil longer if your lucky, but alot of people have sensitivity issues with it, and react with it, or become irritated by it, i know myself, had a very bad experience, lol, but i guess its worth a try, possibly do a skin irritability test before-hand, but it does has its good points, eg. leaving it smooth, due to the moisturising factors.

You can get battery powered shavers for either eyebrow/bikini, they're technically the same thing really, they're good for quick shaves, although, i'd say they're only good for the lower bikini area, and leave unsightly roots if used on the pubice hair, esspecially if you're naturally dark haired.

Sorry if its not much help, lol.

Love and hugs x x x

Thanks Morbida, can always count on you.

Cheers love xx. MD