Shy Newbie

Hello all,

I found the LH site last weekend and joined the forum soon after, and I thought I'd say hello properly. I'm new to all things sex toys, but I've been enjoying the forum so far and everyone seems very nice! :)

It'd be even nicer if this forum wasn't blocked at work - oh well!

Welcome Chipilapa, and enjoy! Lots of great advice here for people new to sex toys, and lots of great people too.

Thank you!

welcolm chipilapa xx

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Hi & welcome x

Hi, and welcome to the fun factory! x

Welcome to Lovehoney :)

Huge thanks everyone!

if it was blocked at my work I may get summat done

Hello and welcome!!


Hello & welcome to the Orgasm Army!

We r a really friendly bunch (except 4 me!)

Here is the official welcome thread (and OA rules):


Heehee, unfortunately LoveHoney isn't blocked at my work! I wish it was sometimes, then I might be more productive :D Anyway, welcome and don't be shy! Enjoy yourself :p

Welcome. Have fun, everyone is so friendly. As my father is my boss, bit weary of going on LH at work. It's always on my iPhone though!

Lovehoney is blocked on my phone, I keep forgetting to get Orange Safeguard turned off!

Hi and welcome to the forums!

They're a lot of fun, we only joined a couple of months back (but have been Lovehoney customers for years!).

Looking forward to seeing you around on the site, and rememeber, if you have any questions, just ask.

Lucy & Alex xx

Hi & welcome to the LH forum,chipilapa!!

Don't worry about being shy!! I bet you won't be shy after viewing this forum and buying toys for afew months!

we are a friendly bunch on here, have fun, I would say I posted more here then the other forums I use!

Yeah Lovehoney has now been blocked at the work placement office, after someone using inappropriate websites.... its time for remote desktop connection on my computer! so I can view this website there! the work placement officer was not bothered she just gives a cheeky smirk! but the job coach was complaining the most! plus the filter software is only install on the laptops... using you phone or notebook on their Wifi is fine no filters until they said everyone can't use their own laptops or phone!!!

But whats the worse that can happen

Hi welcome have loads of fun and no need to be shy we all friendly on here :-)

Hi welcome have loads of fun and no need to be shy we all friendly on here :-)

heeey there im new here too xD everyone seems fun :P