Shy or Just Risky?

SO I just bought 4 items from LH for Black Friday and they got delivered yesterday. Gotta tell you that the Canadian LH store does it right! It looks like I just got three textbooks from a library by looking at the outside of the box… but little do they know that there was a butt plug, nipple clamps with a chain, glass beaded dildo and some super slick silicone lube that I have had my eye on…

I had it sent to my work cause I didn’t want my kids going through it as it usually just gets left at the door and those little bastards open everything. It could be a bomb and they would open it and try to see if they could diffuse it…

Anyways, my wife is starting to understand that I am looking for more in bed than just side saddle sex. The other weekend she played with me anally with just her finger and I couldn’t get enough. She was laughing with joy as I would gasp for breath after a good reaming… SO I decided to get me a plug and her a glass dildo.

Ultimately she will find them cause I plan to use them inside her body, but I think I need to wait for the right time. Thus I had the package delivered to work. The girls at the front opened my last package and found some lingerie as well as other items. The box came from LH in the UK and was hard to read and the label seemed poorly designed. Thus, it got cracked open and investigated thoroughly. Now I swear they look at me differently which I am ok with… :wink:

I guess I am shy about the purchases and just need to go for it when introducing them to my wife, but at the same time I think I was ok with if the package got opened again at the office. I think I am on the verge of not caring about what people think including my wife as I have repressed alot of sexual wants for many years.

So thanks LH for the package. You are all giving me the confidence to find myself and I appreciate it!


If you buy from your local LH it looks plainer because for an international order they have to put all of the import information on it :blush: I have ordered from the UK store while in the US and it often says “novelty item”, etc. on the outside so if you want super discrete go with your local site :+1: Happy to hear y’all are having a fun time :blush: