Silent toys

Like security using my plugs whilst in company of friends and find it a massive turn on. Has anyone used a silent vibrating one and are they as quite enough to use without others hearing them?

So far hasn't seen one that's absolutely silent.

I've tried a lot of toys and I'm yet to find a vibrating one that's absolutely silent. I'm not sure it's possible because of the mechanics. The motor will always make some sort of noise.

Having said that, there are some that are quiet enough to use in public settings as long as there's some background noise. It's hard to recommend something that fits the bill without knowing what shape/size you'd prefer.

Most toys which are silent will make some noise when pressed against a hard surface, so it’s almost impossible to have something vibrating inside you without even a little bit of a buzz especially plugs.

I have come across a few plugs which are very quiet but I wouldn’t intend on using these in a somewhere without any background noise or if you intend on sitting down at all. The following was excellent for being super discreet and quiet when we went to a party once:

Also it’s handsfree so no need to run off and adjust things If it does get noisy, you can always switch it on for short bursts and then switch it off again too.

Cheers for your reply.

At the medium to large stage of toy at the moment. Use this one most days but like to go bigger sometimes.

That looks fun!

You could look at e-stim type products.

No motors - so no noise