Site error trying to add review

I’ve tried a couple of times to post a review for

Each time it pops up with this error message. I’m guessing it’ll work as soon as someone else looks at it haha

Reference Number: 18.cf033e17.1610177338.222a02f


Oh don’t ask why I’m awake at 7am on a Saturday during lockdown writing reviews for gags :grin:

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If you’ve used any brackets try swopping them out for the funky { } ones, and that should get it past the error page. :+1:

Then you can email Brenna at and let her know, and she’ll edit them right for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah that seems to have done it, I’m sure a previous review had some brackets in, but maybe I’m going mad!

Thanks Ian.

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It’s intermittent. :slightly_smiling_face: No idea why it only does it sometimes, (or at all) but it’s bloody annoying. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad you sorted it. :+1:

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A lot of programming languages use brackets as part of the code, such as for the number of an item in a list. It’s not a good sign security wise though if text can get interpreted as code. :warning:

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