Size worries

I have a new partner and due to have sex. My previous partner was average. My new partner is very long and a big girth. I got sore with my ex so quite concerned that this could be more painful than enjoyable.
I need tips on how to manage sex. I have lube and he's aware of my concerns but still worried.
Anyone else been in this position and can advise me?

Using plenty of lube is good and is the correct way of doing things. I also think perhhaps you could consider to be on top eg CowGirl, Reverse Cowgirl etc. That way you have full control on how deep you go and at what pace. I would make more use of foreplay and other forms of non penatrative sex so as to limit the amount of time for penatration.

Lots and lots and lots of foreplay and warming up. 

Your vaginal canal expands by up to 5 inches when you're properly physically warmed up and turned on. 

So enjoy lots of external and internal foreplay, use plenty of lube and take it slow and steady. 

mysteron's tip of going on top is a great idea too, as long as your partner promises not to thrust and let you be in charge. 

My ex was huge and we had to be careful with positions, and if he got carried away and started thrusting too hard I'd have to tell him off! Doggy style used to hurt the most unless we could angle the position right. Spoons is good I find if your partner is big, and girl on top as mentioned above as you're in charge of the thrusting.

You could the Lovehoney Kama Sutra positions book and have a look in there, and/or google 'sex positions for shallow penetration'.

Foreplay is just as much fun as penetration, sometimes more! So you don't always have to have penetrative sex to enjoy yourselves. Or mix it up! A bit of sex then back to oral or a hand job.

Don't forget you can also introduce toys in your bedroom action. A body wand for example is as pleasurable for a guy as it is a woman .Vibrating toys can also be used.

If you get a stroker for him and see if he accepts your 2 minute challenge . The longer he can resist the more pleasurable feeling he will get when he irrupts.Don't forget to well lube strokers before use. I don't reckon he will last 2 minutes with one of these once you have develeped your touches and skills in using them on him.. I know i don't !

I think between us so far you have plenty of ideas to think about ,


I guess we're in the same situation x

I would recommend LOT's of foreplay so you're dripping wet and relaxed then you'll be riding that big shaft in no time :)

Pure pleasure instead of pain.. Who knows you might even beg for it harder!

It also come down to him being gentle and slow with you.

Keep us posted

Ask him to be gentle and take things slow. If you feel discomfort, stop and do something else for a while. There are tons of things outside of penetration that can be done. Load up on the foreplay and use a good quality, thick lubricant!

Hi there,

I don't know if LH sell them but you can buy doughnuts which sit at the base of the penis which can reduce the length and acts as a buffer.