Sizing advice on Lovehoney Serenity Lace Babydoll Set

Hi all,

I love the Serenity Babydoll Set but am rather in a quandary about which size to go for.

I am a size 12-14, smallish 12 on top with small boobs, slim waist but a goodish 14+ bottom. The sizes listed for this are 10-12 or 14-16 so which do I go for? If it was just the babydoll I would have no quandaries and always go with the 10-12 as floaty around the bottom but since this set has such pretty knickers to go with it that are quite a key feature I am concerned they will be too small.

@CoffeeRain , @Wildcherry and K&c30’s (who I’m afraid I can’t work out how to tag as I suspect your name has changed since the switch over :see_no_evil:) you guys have given very useful reviews. Do you (or anyone else who has this set or something similar!) have any advice for me?

@Bex_1234, you have reviewed the larger version and very helpfully give your sizes which I think prortionally are very similar to me, you don’t say though which size you opted for. If you went for the smaller option to fit your top half were the knickers okay or are they too tight?

Many thanks all and I hope you don’t mind me tagging you for advice x

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@K_c30_s :+1:

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Thank you @Ian_Chimp !

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Hi there! No worries about tagging, I’m always happy to help if I can. Kudos on the good taste also, the serenity pieces are some of my favourites! You won’t be disappointed.

I have the babydoll and the bralette set, both in large. I would bounce between 12-14 sizes a lot and I have similar issues with you that way, however, I am a DD so I can only speculate exactly how it will fit you if you have a smaller chest.

What I would say is there is plenty of stretch in the fabric. I wouldn’t worry too much about that in any case. The only thing I’d be cautious of is your bottom half build. Like I think I said in my review, the strappy parts definitely sectioned me off a good bit where I carry a little bit of chunk but I personally find that cute and I’ve never had any complaints. Kind of similar to people who love the little bit of chub that sits over the top of tight OTK socks and things haha

If you’ve got a thicc butt and you don’t mind, I’d say go with the 10-12, it will stretch easily to accommodate you and shouldn’t be uncomfortable. If you want a little bit of extra wiggle room, the 14-16 shouldn’t hang on you I don’t think.

Let me know if that’s incoherent or if you want more info!

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Thank you @CoffeeRain - That’s really helpful!

I have a big round bottom from many, many years of rising trot on horses (essentially squats) …plus maybe a bit of excess chocolate :roll_eyes:. So mainly muscle but with a bit of chub over the top.

The cheese cutter string things that come with most 10-12 babydolls are not exactly flattering but as long as this has enough stretch to get on hopefully it will be okay with the slightly wider sides. I think without the DDs the top half of the Babydoll in 14-16 would probably slightly drown me (only As I’m afraid!) so I’m thinking 10-12 would probably be best, I’m not overly booty conscious as long as it goes on :joy:

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Awh yeah! Power booty! I love that!

I’d say go with the 10-12, I found it really flexible and I think it would work just fine for you! More flattering than if the larger size was too loose at least!

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Fab - Thanks very much both of you!

:arrow_up: This is what I think too.

@Alicia4Ever I guess the stretch works whichever way I go but I have had more problems with things looking too big on top, I guess I think tops look better slightly stretched over the chest than possibly baggy. Very good to know you’ve had success with fitting from small all the way to E on similar things though. Says a lot for the quality of the material.

Got to head to work now but will be sorting my order later :blush: