Sizing for really small girls

I'm wondering if anybody can give me any info on how the one size stuff fits on someone who is a size 6?
I'm pretty long in the limbs but very small overall, and I've been looking at several items but most that I like seem to be sized at like 8-14. I obviously don't want to buy a bodysuit or something and have it sagging as somehow I think that would defeat the purpose and be totally not sexy 😂


Hi I'm a size four to six and have found a lot of stuff on here to fit quite well - I am short though!

Lovehoney's own brand stuff is rather good in a small, I also like Seven Til Midnight's stuff.

I do wear the one size items if the material is stretchy like bodystocking/mini dress type as these stretch to fit the figure and are tiny out of the packet anyway :)

Thank you 😁 I know I can order now! X