Sleeping naked appreciation thread...

One of life's simple pleasures! ;)

I agree. Any tips on how to convince the wife???

I'm sure once she's tried it she won't look back!

I love sleeping naked. Having the right bedding always helps. Nothing better than cool fresh bedding against naked skin.

LMF xx

I'm also a member of this club! Nothing better than doing it, esepcially with the OH

I hate loose clothing in bed - I tend to shift around lots getting comfy so it always ends up wrapped round my neck! Naked is best.

But your bedding becomes more important, not to mention having a very good dressing gown handy for when you have to leap up to answer the door!

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times a partner has slept naked next to me through the night. It's sensual, sexy, and seems to make too many people feel uncomfortable.

Having clothes in bed just makes it too warm, I prefer to sleep naked too.

Yerp sleeping naked all the way, nothing to stop you moving and enjoying yourself :)

i agree. it so much nicer. gf does in summer but prefers my t shirts in colder months

I love sleeping naked in the summer but Im a pyjamas girl in the winter my oh half sleeps in the buff every night sooo sexy

I'm a jammies girl, not very sexy I know. My OH sleeps naked but being a neat freak I hate all the dribbles he leaves behind!

I ALWAYS sleep naked - there is no other way! Clothes getting twisted and riding up, so annoying! (Unless it's the time of the month) in which case I just wear a pair of knickers! It does sometimes get cold but my OH keeps me nice and warm ;)

I'm with you LG - always naked, no other way

Yes and me guys the only way is naked

I have to sleep naked, and the hubby likes it but im going to have to pop a nightee or sumit near my bed because when ds1 has nightmares and is screaming i go running in with nothing on lol! Anyway i love it! I think it was on this morning the other day they where on about sleeping naked and they said your body releases hormones by sleeping naked because of the skin on skin contact :0) i feel more comfy when naked in bed infact after my hot bath i hate re dressing xx

New members always welcome! ;)

I always sleep naked. I do own one pair of pj's for if I stay over at a mate's house. It just feels so wrong trying to sleep with anything on.

mmnice bum honey

yep naked is good when its warm its so cold here have to wear something but can soon whip it off

I always sleep naked, except for, oddly enough, occassionally on a really hot night. Lucy always cuddles up to me during the night, and skin on skin gets sweaty! But yeah, love sleeping naked, always have done as far as I remember.


I really like sleeping naked but unfortunately I'm naturally a really cold person, so unless it's a particularly warm night or I'm having a rare warm day then I just feel far too cold without my pjs even with the really thick duvet we have. My OH is away at the moment as well, which makes me even more freezing because he's like a human hot water bottle and usually keeps me a little warmer. Actually had to sleep with socks on last night because my feet were like blocks of ice, and it wasn't even a particularly cold night! Bring on the summer time, I say!