Sleeve advice / ED advice

Hi :blush:
Firstly, I hope this is in the right section and apologies if it’s not!
Basically, I could do with some advice about “cock sleeves” - or if anyone has any suggestions don’t be shy!

I’m 50, I have a long-term partner (30+ years) and 18 months ago had surgery for locally advanced prostate cancer. As well as my prostate, a bundle of nerves was also removed. Unfortunately, this means i haven’t been able to get an erection since December 2022.

My urologist has been great - referred me to a specialist and we’ve tried pretty much everything so far- Viagra/ cialis (not a twitch), vacuum pump (lasts seconds) and more recently the Caverject injections. That “sort of” works - but not in a usable way… I can get an erection, but bloody hell it’s painful! Hurts to look at it, let alone have sex or even touch it! It also lasts for 3-4 hours which isn’t ideal! If I reduce the dose even slightly, it’s not hard enough for sex - semi at best. The only option available now is surgery, and neither me or my partner really want more surgery…

So although I’ve come to accept my dreams of becoming a pornstar are over, I would still like to have “sex” with my partner- even if it’s somewhat artificial…

As above really- if anyone can suggest anything that I could trying then pipe up! From what I can tell, in order to use a sleeve properly, I’d need to be hard - is that correct?

Apologies for the not particularly sexy and rather wordy post but I wasn’t sure where else to ask… Thank goodness for the Internet!

Thanks for reading :blush:

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Gday and welcome, afraid I dont have any advice but rest assured someone here will, there is also a search function which may find some older posts about the subject.

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First off sorry to hear your story but your passion for your partner is amazing. Yes for best results you would have to stay hard or semi to really go at it with sleeve. If you get the ones with the ball loop you should have good luck. I got one from here that we use. You could try the hollow ones that strap on. Hope to hear some great results. Good luck

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Thanks for replying :blush:

The one’s I’ve seen sort of resemble a “thick condom” so I’m sort of guessing that’s not what I need really :confused:

We still enjoy being intimate (I particularly love giving her oral - TMI ?:face_with_peeking_eye::joy:), but sometimes I’d just love to be able to have “normal” sex…

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I have seen a harness similar to a pegging set up but with a firm, clear, hollowed out dildo attachment. This is not an LH product so sadly I cannot provide you a link and if I mention the other company name it’ll probably get edited out by mods. Best of luck.

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Much appreciated- thanks :blush:

I would try to get witty with word play here, without mentioning a exact name, but its still pretty early on the Atlantic coast…I find my brain Extremely Restrained right now :thinking:

Mine is definitely restrained :joy:

In same boat (also without a paddle).

Hey dude - sorry to hear what you’re going through…I’m not in completely the same boat as you - but do suffer from performance anxiety a lot which means my erections are not that reliable when my stupid brain kicks it.

Together with my partner we’ve managed to work around it in our love making…and we’re probably having more sex/foreplay using toys nowadays - and just have fun with whatever is “working” at the time.

I’m massively a pleaser - so to be honest i’m not worried about if I come really, so as long as my OH does i’m happy…hopefully you’ll be able to find a kind of balance to continue being intimate…and as my OH tells me, it’s not all about PIV, it’s about spending time together and having fun!

As others have said - there are strap-on harnesses you could use (either with a hollow dildo, or just tuck yourself to the side and use any dildo that takes your/your OH’s please!.

I’ve contemplated this a few times…but not sure if my OH would appreciate it…or maybe shes steal it and turn it on me (I wish!).