Slippery Sex

What are your suggestions for hubby and me to try some slippery sex. I mean a lotion or potion to apply all over, not as a lubricant.



Sorry - Preferably something that doesn't leave a mess on hotel sheets!

Kinda depends on whether or not you plan on hanging them out to dry before you leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not really.

durex 2 in 1 massage lube. :D its a lube and a massage gel all in one, leaves no stains, taste okish and last ages.

hopw that helps


Get to B+Q, buy one of those cheapo plastic sheets (couple of quid at most) you use for decorating & such. Lay it out in a nice big space, dump a generous portion of lube, body lotion or oil on the sheet. Climb on & have a a bit of slippery fun. DON'T take a running dive, I nearly broke my sodding neck when I hit the book shelf!

I'd recomend a decent olive oil, cheap as chips for the quanities you need (imagine the cost of using massage lube!), natural, good for your hair (it will get covered!), washes out easily, a great moisturiser & doesn't sting or taste nasty!


Mucky, i think even I will take your advice on this, such a simple concept, but i'd have never have thought of it, lol

x x x

Thanks - I've tried the Durex 2/1 it was rather sticky after a while. Maybe what I'm asking is the impossible.

Not Sticky
Not Smelly
Does not Stain
Very slippy

pmsl i love tht mucky sounds fun i was goin 2 say water proof sheet with baby oil but its been said lol xx

Just pray no one comes to the door cos once you're on & playing slap & tickle it's like a scene from Benny Hill, You ain't getting up in a hurry.

Again Westy, I'd try Olive Oil, it ticks ever box & there's so many other benifits. Try it at least once!

pmsl i so gotta try this it would b class

Morbidia wrote:

Mucky, i think even I will take your advice on this, such a simple concept, but i'd have never have thought of it, lol

x x x

Yeah M!!! nice to se you again my dear, Give it a go, you'll love it, even if the sex is shite (not much 'purchase' for the OH to knock it home!), it's still a damn good horny laugh!

Well, me and Mr Handyman are always up for a laugh, i shall put it on the list of things to do in the future :)

And its very nice to be speaking with you again Mr Duck, im pleased you havent been stealing my keys lately :-P

x x x

Been far too busy at work, I think I've only had 12 nights at home since crimbo! Still keeps the wolf from the door!

Aww, sorry to hear that hun *hugs you tight!*

Well, the OH is suffering from a bad illness at the mo, so no horny funsies for me any time soon, lol.

But hey ho, we will defo try the oily fun sometime, ooooh, we could do when we'll spend the week together, when the family are away ^_^

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When is you're dirty week? just remember to stock up on pot noodles (they're mined down your way aint they?) & pickled onion monster munch to keep your strength up! There's lovely, isn't it?

It's in June, so quite a while away yet, so plenty of time to mine some pot noodles :-P

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The treacle people are down your way aren't they? You shure get a lot of stuff out the ground down there in Welsh Wales. Boyo.

I bet Maple syrup would be a good bet for the sheet, you could like each other all over, mmm.... I think I'm off to have a look in the shed for that old Tarpauline!!!

mmmmmm, mayle syrup, yummy ^_^

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Pure grape oil , Or even baby oil ;D Wont get better than grape oil however