Sliquid Swirl Flavoured Lubricant
Looks like the Video and Product is Home Made???

Heheh. The video was shot on not-very-steady-cam at a trade show in Las Vegas. The guy in the video works for Sliquid - it's definitely not made in his kitchen LOL.

I think LoveHoney is the only place you can get Sliquid in the UK. The main idea of it is that it's OK for vegans and has cut out a lot of the additives that you might find in other lubes...

First Impression, am New to the entire Arsenal. Thanks Captain Sir.

Check this video out with the same guy ... he says his mother likes this silk lube has hand lotion heheheheheheh TFF I agree with you though poopsy it looks like a kitchen he is in but hey what do I know :P I imagine las vagas would be a bit more high class.... Thanks for bringing this Sliquid to my attention though it looks good, I will give it a go and if I dont like it I will use it has hand lotion :P hehehe

Mmh, yes, the blue raspberry sounds wonderful (I'm a bit of a blue raspberry obsessive).

Thank Madam Laynie Comrade in Arms;)

hehe no probs hun.. :P as they say on catch phrase "say what you see" lol

Wow! Got me: Sliquid Apple Lube on the way to test, along with a bottle of Sliquid wash!;)

How nice.. I am so jealous Please hurry and review :P ENJOY I know you will ;)

"is on the way"
Can send ½ of my Ammo Over Rodger;)

LMAO, I will just look forward to ur review and be a lot jealous waiting :P

Ooh, I can't wait to hear how good it is as a lube. I must say I'm quite tempted by their plain water-based one due to how body friendly it sounds.

Me too I think I cant wait for the review I may just have to go ahead and buy some :P

A lot of flavoured lubes use Aspartame as a sweetener, which is a real bummer because a) it tastes foul and b) I'm allergic to it (which quite a few people are). It would be very helpful if sites would mention if Aspartame is present in the stuff.

Sounds yummy, might add some to my next LoveHoney order!

Rather like the sound of the apple, when I next order from lovehoney I'll be sure to add it ;)

Got my sliquid apple lube today! cant wait to try it out! ;) smells gr8!!

Thank you for my sliquid apple, it was lovely and slippery and smelled gorgous! its sooo much fun and the bedroom antics rocket that night, i deffo recommend it! THANK YOU LOVE HONEY

Hi chocolate pie, i would deffo reccomend the sliquid apple it tastes soooooooo yummy and is just too much fun!

You really have to like apple if you pick that one! Yeah I know that sounds weird, but I got it to test and found it unpleasant, would have preferred the raspberry one.