Smear Test

I first want to start with a question:

How old are you meant to be when you first get a smear test?

The next thing I have to say might be pretty odd, I have never had a smear test before and I'm almost 21, I have a huge bondage obsession and for some reason the thought of gettting a smear test done really turns me on... That's not normal is it?

Maybe it's just because I have never had a smear test, maybe once I actually have one I will hate it like most woman I speak to...

My OH hasnt had a smear either, she is not 100% sure about letting a dr see her nether regions let alone inside her

I think its 25 now, but varies between England, Scotland and Wales I think. You can buy speculums from LH if your interested in medical play.

TC you really should try and get her to have one, its very important that she does, it takes 2 mins and its nothing really, especially if you compare it to the aternative of not having it done and what she could have. I know she isnt in the UK but it is normally done by the nurse not the doctor.

Boobaloo is right its for women 25-64 and every 3 years then every 5yrs for the over 50's (if your last one showed normal results) there was a huge campaign to get the lower limit reduced to 21 after the death of Jade Goody but that seems to have gone quiet now

TC I don't know if the screening system is the same but she should look into it, it will pick up any changes so early and as it's not a part of the body you can obviously see then I think it's an important test to have.

TC at my Dr clinic it is the nurse that carry out smear test, maybe she could request a female Dr or Nurse if that would make her feel more comfy and maybe your or a friend could go along for moral support ~Juicy~

Hi kathykeen.

The others are right, depending where you stay, usually 25 but think Scotland is 21.

There is nothing sexual about a nurse doing a smear test. It is over with in about 2 minutes, doesn't hurt. Might just be a little embarrasing if you have never had it done before but please don't let this put you off, it can save your life. As some of the forum members here know, I had an abnormal smear earlier this year, I have low grade pre-cancerous cells. Back in January for more biopsies. If I hadn't gone for my routine smear it could have been a different story all together.

If medical play is your thing then you can buy speculums for LH

I was erh... I think 17 or 18 and I have to go every year for it, so any changes are caught in the very beginning. But its different country, not UK. It tends to hurt me a bit but it is mild and over fast. And I think its worth the security.

in Scotland it's 18

in England it's 25 - however, there are campaigns to have this reduced to be in line with Scotland due to some younger people dying of cervical cancer (such as Jade Goody). Early detection rapidly increases the success rate of curing the cancer - but the words early detection are the operative words here.

In Scotland you are tested regularly every 3 years and you get reminders by post. I'm not sure of the situation for reminders here in England, because I've only lived here for 2 years.

If you've ever get an anomoly on your smear in Scotland, you return every 6 months for the next three years, then revert to your 3 yearly cycle.

I should also add - if you go to your GP in Scotland (before you're 18th birthday) and you confirm to your GP that you are sexually active - they will immediately request that you have a smear (even if you're only 14).

In Ireland it's 25, the reason being that the cervival cells are growing and changing right up to that age, and any differences/changes detected before than are more often than not natural and benign. I had my first at 25, and will be due another one after my next birthday!

While I can see that with a partner, a smear-like scenario (speculum, latex gloves), might be sexy; the reality is the unsexiest thing EVER. Cold hands, cold lube, plastic speculum, cotton wool on a stick poke up there, and a pinchy scrapy thing on your cervix. NOT sexy. At all.

However, it's not weird at all that you've fetishised it slightly! The idea is certainly sexy in the right circumstances :)

shellyboo: they can be changing, but honestly.. Rather another check than the cases of cervical cancer at 19-20 and I did read about cases like that. And frankly... without the creening it is more likely to go into the worst stage compared to when even those girls are regularly checked. I think it my country the annual circle is to really catch it as soon as possible. Generally the screening starts after you start sexual life, as then you are in more danger of getting it. Considering that the start of sexual life is at round 17-18...without screening the cancer has 7 years to develope and go unnoticed until it is much harder to treat and and survive it. So I do believe early checkings are better.

Yeah, but those early cases are in the minority. Here, you can't get a smear before age 25 unless you go private and pay for it yourself, which a lot of people can't afford! It's important to reassure people that some cervical changes are natural, too, and do no harm :)

In England it is 25 but they do give them earlier in certain situations. I had my 1st smear when I was around 18 but that was because I was sexually active & wanted birth control & that was a condition of me getting the pill/injection.

Having a smear depends on your circumstances..being sexually active, family history to your gp or sexual health clinic for advice,

Well... Try being in the minority. And being told it was too late. I happened to be in the minority who found a change in my breast while even under 25 but luckily it did not turn out to be breast cancer. I can tell you that before it was decided what it was and before the operation I was scared as hell and I would not even wish for my worst enemy to go through that. Not all changes in the breasts are cancer, some are cyst etc. But it is better to check them. So I am for a prevention. Better safe than sorry. Not all changes are cancer, but if it is cancer, the earlier it is found, the better.

In other news, Mrs M went for a smear the other week, only to be told this week that the lab couldn't test the sample for some reason! She has to go back, but needs to wait 3 months. Frustrating.

blimey i think i was about 16, and then every 3 years from then, basically the doctor said a year after you have been sexually active you should have smear tests, also i remember at school they said the same, i can honestly say ive never heard you have to wait until you are 25, thats madness to me, you can get things before the age of 25!

Theres nothing wrong with being turned on by the idea of a smear test

I've had LOADs of them and im only 24 (and live in england) and I like the idea of medical play, doctors etc but when you're in there... there just isn't enough "ummmpf" to get turned on!!