smooth coated plastic vibrators & lube

Is it normal for it to hurt after you use a smooth coated plastic vibrator without lube? I used mine without lube and was sore and itchy for around 5 days. Will lube make it better next time? If so, can you reccomend me lube?

If there was a lot of friction between you and the toy, then that could be what's caused the sore and itchy skin. Could be due to the toy not being cleaned properly and causing it.
Maybe try it again once everything is back to normal, but use lube to see if that helps.

I'm kind of really scared about using it again because it was so uncomfortable after :( I'm new to all of this.

No don't be, I've done the same before and whether or not it was coincidence, but after using the toy that caused the problem again but with lube, it didn't reoccur.

Can you reccomend a nice lube?

Any of the System JO lubes! I recommend it to all the customers in my store and they always seem to come back pleased with it :)

Okay, thank you :)

A smooth coated matte vibe will rub and cause friction which could leave you feeling a bit sore after lube is a must my personal favourite is Wicked, stuff like Sliquid, Liquid Silk, Maximus often get recommended