Sneaky prostate massagers

Hey guys…straight man. In a happy relationship. The lady is a prude, she is away lately n I want to try a prostate massager. Ladies do you find that okay? Fellas do they work?


Yes they work is the short answer, start small, use plenty of lube and start on your own with fingers and take time to explore yourself.

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It’s very small, I have had someone use a dildo on me but never really aimed to reach orgasm with it. Does the size matter or does it take time to find the spot?

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What kind of toy are you interested in? A prostate toy like an Aneros, or something that vibrates?

Either way it’s not really the case that you just pop then in and get instant gratification, though it will feel pleasurable, I recommend you read up about relaxation techniques etc. to maximise the enjoyment.

At least with you partner away it sounds like you have plenty of time to yourself for long relaxing anal play sessions and really enjoying yourself.

You mentioned someone used a dildo on you previously. Did that give you any pleasure? There’s also butt plugs and anal beads that can feel really good. It would be a good idea to buy a small collection of toys and experiment to see what you like and dislike. This looks like a good starting point:

Also, whatever you decide to buy, make sure to also get some water based lube, the LH Anal Lube is really good.


No reason why it’s not OK.
Why don’t you show your lady some of the toys at Lovehoney and tell her you’d love to try one.
Ask her if she would like to try an anal toy too?


Your deffently Not doing anything wrong and and my best advice like people have mentioned is start slow and small ! Use lots of lube !

@Cupc8kes made a great point to possibly get your wife to open up a bit more ! Communication is key


As far as do they work , definatly sometimes . Every person is different and what worked yesterday may not work today . I have found out of the alleged prostrate massagers I have purchased , none of them seem to stay in by themselves . Which seems like for the larger amount of money I spent at least one would be designed that way . It would be nice to buy every model and see if any stayed in while in full rumble mode . I get a better prostrate massage using a firm suction cup mount cock shaped dildo . Next massager I buy I will pay special attention to reviews and design . I would love one that would stay in place while I was sounding my cock , tickle and massage from both sides .

Yes if you choose a good one they can work wonders !