Snogging - only for sex?

It may seem like a strange question but here goes, I love a really good long hard snog, just for it's own pleasures and it doesn't necessarily have to lead anywhere - I've noticed the only time my hubby ever gives me really passionate kisses, is on the run up to and during, sex.
I have never thought about it before but I really noticed on holiday that when I started to kiss him that way, with tongue etc. he would stop me and have to "rearrange" himself and this morning I went for a full on snog just before he went to work, he stopped me and said that it was "sex kissing" - I laughed and said he was being daft but it's got me wondering if it is a learned response in him in particular or whether men in general get hugely turned on by that type of kissing?
I always seem to get the best kisses when he's been down on me and
has my juices all over his face, he's not shy at sticking his tongue down my throat then! I do rather like it though.
He's also rather fond of sticking his tongue in my mouth when he is eating something I don't like, yuck - I've told him if he does it again, the next time I have a mouthful of his man juice, he'll be getting it back! So if he does, I'll know he wants a taste, lol.
We SO want to play with our new toys, but they are both a bit loud and the daughter hasn't got any late nights planned as it's exam time, boo. I can't wait until she buggers off to UNI - she rolls her eyes and complains if we even get in the bath together!
Hubby is having a big tattoo done tomorrow so I don't know how frisky he'll be feeling by bed time either.

I find that for me and the OH, although we do snog occasionally, it's more frequent when we're leading up to or having sex. I love a nice, passionate kiss, but somewhere over the last 8 years it has become more of a rarity, lol. I also think it's worth noting that in our relationship it's actually ME who gets too turned on by snogging and wants more from it. However, I think this is more due to the fact that right now sex is infrequent and also that over time snogging has established itself in my subconcious as a sexual act.

for me it depends on the partner and how good the snogging is!!! if it very good then it can be a huge turn on and often lead to sex but at the other end of the scale i take or leave snogging!

My partner and I snog quite a lot when we're together and both find it a big turn on and precursor to sex most definitely. I think kissing during deep hard lovemaking is better than anything and a real mega turn on!


I think after a while a snog always ends up with the bloke trying to innocently push his partner down for a cheeky blowy!

i've been with my OH for 3 years now and we don't snog as much as we did in the beginning. It usually only happens during sex these days, which is a bit of a shame really.

May I just say on the behalf of many men.....we don't all assume that snogging is a pre-curser to sex. I love snogging. One of my fav things ever is a lazy sleepy slow snog, which is definitely NOT going to lead to sex. In fact it usually leads to a good nap cuddled in each others arms...pure bliss.

sexytime... you'll be giving the rest of us blokes a bad name, can it!!!
Holding hands can lead to sex if you try hard enough... oh go on,luv!

to be honest i quite like kissing/ snogging. i can be a turn on, but for me personally snogging isn't just a precursor to sex

I here you

Iv been with my OH for a couple of years now and we still snog all the time, and not just as a precursor to sex...we love it. I love snuggling up watching a film together and having a cheeky snog, nothing beats it!

N xxx

Snogging rocks - any time anywhere. Ex wasn't really interested in it to be honest - but then again there was no intimacy in our relationship anyway, so...

i find that kissing always leads up to sex, and thats not always what i want. sometimes it just be nice to snuggle up kiss, hug and that but it always leads onto sex.

snogging seems to = greenlight to sex! lol


Well, tomorrow evening my OH is coming for tea and there will be snogging but no sex as all our kids will be there and it'll kill us. . .bummer!


I think we should start a campaign for more snogging *sighs* snogging is just fun whether it leads to anything or not. I'm sure it's linked to a longer life and better health...

I'm sure you are spot on Imeldaimelda, snogging defo helps us live longer and healthier!

It feels that way anyhow.


i love snogging and its a very big turn on for me and the hubster.... wink wink xx

i love it, it doesn't neesarily mean sex when we do it, but if it does end up in some thats good too

(im a terrible speller!)

I love snogging. Lip sucking, biting, pulling, tongue play, wet, slippery, ..... enough.

I wish Mrs Bug Dude was more into snogging, but there are medical reasons why prolonged snogging for us isn't on the cards as often nowadays. However, when it does happen, sometimes it's better than sex.

Sex can be dirty, rough, quick, slow, adventurous, whatever. Kissing is always intimate and (I feel) a true expression of love.

Whaoah big fella!

If there is a god, she/he invented snogging, and the ocean.

I adore snogging! The OH is very VERY good at it, and we are doing it whenever we get the chance, had a wonderful unforgettable one today, yay me ^_^

x x x