So all at once or a bit at a time?

I'm on the verge of buying Mrs. Ww some decent lingerie. What katie did seem like a good bet (Agent Provocatur don't seem to do any good corsets..).

Now I know the general concensus here is if you've gone to all that effort choosing and buying it, don't fall at the final hurdle, wrap it up nice.

My question to all the ladys out there is if your OH were going all out and buying you a load of kit would you want it in one box, so you had to make your way through all the layers one at a time, or would you want to have a series of smaller gifts getting gradually larger?

Would your answer change if you already knew about the big gift at the end? (there are some things you can't get sizes for by going through her wardrobe)

Have any of you recieved lingerie in an unusual way?

I'm thinking of getting: Corset, stockings x2, panties x2, suspenders, gloves, pasties (hurrah for burlesque!).

I may also need to get a larger overdraft...

Wow, you sound like a nice guy, do you have a brother? LOL.

Ummm... I think personally I like the idea of a big box. Or maybe a large gift bag, but with all the items wrapped separately. That way she'll have lots to open and it'll take longer so there'll be more suspense!

Either way, I'm sure she'll really appreciate the gesture!! Good Luck!

Ditto- a big shiney box, with a huge bow. And then individually wrapped presents inside.

Or individually wrapped presents given to me one every night, working from small to big.

(What are pasties?)

crayola:(What are pasties?)

I only found out they were called that this week, I've known them as nipple tassles before.

Thanks for the input ladies.

Would a girl want nipple tassles as part of a lingerie gift, I would stop short of them myself, but i'm not a girl so what would I know? They are mysterious creatures.

If she's into the whole burlesque thing (which I'm asusming is the overall idea behind the outfit?) then they might be well received.

And in that case, I hope she has a feather boa and a bustle! :)

Yeah, Mrs.Ww's been talking about getting burlesque lessons for a bit now, so the pasties would be a nod to that (and the gloves but less so). Since it's on overbust corset they may never get an outing but that's not the point. And yes I'd stop short of them too, if it weren't for the posibility of lessons.

I'd not thought about a boa, thanks crayola!

let us know her reaction!

Yeah big box with a big bow sounds good! What Katie Did really are excellent and I would highly recommend, especially if she's interested in burlesque. I adore burlesque. I think tassels will go down really well if she is. BTW you can get tassels from adorabelle on myspace who makes amazing ones at great prices. Some shop bought ones (eg Ann Summers) are really expensive for being very badly made.

Here's a good Dita video for a sexy strip tease she could do

Imelda, it was your review that brought What Katie Did to my attention, and I've very impressed, thanks.

Nice vid too.

I'll be sure to take a look at adorabelle, infact I'll go do that now.

I think I'd like it to be almost a treasure hunt, with little forfeits for each one. ::giggle:: But I like playful sex.

i think i'd like the treasure hunt too :) or the little wrapped present every night working up to the final dress rehearsal on the last night ;)