So does anyone own the vibraexciter for men?


Ive been waiting for some reviews to come out on this toy,but so far there is only one review and thats been done by a woman,i would prefer to hear from a mans point of view,ive allready bought the female version for my g/f ready for FEB 14th,and having the male one would be so good so we can get excited at the same time

I dont want to buy it if its not going to be good,i bought the octopus 2years ago and i wish i didn't it hardly got used as it never had enough power to excite,ive thrown it away now,it really wasn't worth the money

So some men must of got it? so im told by lovehoney its quite popular?

Very true i do think there is men with them,but i dont understand why they wouldn't want to admit it,well im going for it and ill order one,i dont mind writting a review

Why wouldn't you want to write a review,you wouldn't even need to use your real name

Yes I have one for my man and he loves it! I know this isn't directly from a man but he tells me if he likes stuff or not. is the review I wrote.

As it fits around the end of the penis it provides stimulation to the most sensitive bits and is so very quiet I couldn't heart it in his jeans. The excitement rateing was off the scale - even more so than my remote egg. We really love it, both of us :-D It will deffinately be coming out with us on valentines day ;-)

Hiya when i started this thread i didn't know it was someone from here who wrote that review,untill i started to read in the other sections and saw the name Miss Kitty

This when its for valentines day as we are going out for a meal,so this is why i was asking,as i didn't want to be dissopinted,but as you say it touches the sensitive part.

Thank You

Still we need men to review this toy so dont be shy...

Yes men do need to review it :-) I actually got it as soon as it was released so I got in early with mine. You can actually wear the ring at the top as described, or if it is a bit much at the base - it didn't fall off when he wore it at the top of the penis and there are loads of patterns to choose from so I am sure something will hit the spot - I just put it on max constant for my hubby though lol ;-)

Just got mine through the post as it happens. First impressions are very good, will be sure to post my review once we've had a chance to gve it a proper test-run :)

Great will be looking forward to that review.

Of course i want to know how good it feels and could it make you orgasam,if you were really excited.

These are the tings that is making me wait for your review:

Do you get the same feeling when you are sitting down or standing

Whats the best underwear to wear,because my g/f bought me some mens thongs at xmas saying her name on the front with a message,i will be wearing them that night


Ive got it on at the moment and at last us men have someting as good as you women,you place it over the cock head so it sits behind the head,there is 10 different settings to choose from OWOW

For me its really good,but i shouldn't of put it on today because ive been horny for a couple of days,and i can fill my cock wanting to cum,so when i get tothat point i quickly switch it off

A reminder for me:When we go out for our meal i must not be too horny,if i am i will have to masturbate before we go out,as i dont want to wear it and of it goes and within 10minutes i will be saying oops goto go to the loo as ive hade a little cum accident

Men you have to try this out its well i cant describe it...ive been waiting for some years for a toy like this,now its been worth the wait.this is way better than the passion pants&vibrating octopus

So Who Is Going To Phone Me LoL

When its been tested for the day then ill be putting up a good review

Ok then lol

If anyone is game for this reply here lol

Jezzer sounds interesting !!!!!!
Please see sex talk threads

Hey why not it would make it more fun...

Even that lol but i never go there for tea so im ok there...

SoSo sorry about that Happycamper lol Ummm so you want it to be something like that Err well ill have a think...