So does anyone own the womens vibraexciter? And have you managed to orgasam

Me and my g/f are now proud owners of the vibraexciter good times cumming lol

I dont think i would have a problem cumming with my one if thats what i wanted.But how about the womens one have you managed to orgasam?and how wet did you get? did it take a long time to reach orgasam?

Im going to love it if my g/f tells me she has had a orgasam that day while wearing it

Please see sex talk threads

Sorry going to sound thick

But i dont see i thread on the vibraexciter

Hes trying to advertise the choose someonelse next purchase thingy

Not got one, but its something Ive considered. Has your gf said if its good or not yet?

Thanks crayola, brains as well as ..... not exactly Saatchi and Saatchi or Andersons l know but all l could think up on the spur of the moment. Will read up on the thread and get back when able !!

Ok well by saying:

Please see sex talk threads

It sounded like it was something to do with the vibraexciter

No my g/f hasn't worn hers yet...

Oyea she has and is still wearing it,She loves it she works in a shop so there has been plenty of times where its been going off,and ive been sending alot more texts,she loves it i mean really loves it,its got her very wet,she showed me the proof...her thongs were quite damp Mmmmmm