So how did you find out you liked anal fun,Was it with a partner or did you try it on your own?

Some of my mates (women) have said they like anal fun,They told me they had only first found out what fun it is when they partner had suggested it,Before that they never thought about trying it on their own,Or even suggesting it to their partner

I do like a bit of anal fun,But the women ive been with have never suggested trying it on me,Its been me who has talked about it,When i was a young teen when i was trying all sorts,I picked up a better sex guide video and there was a part on anal sex,Telling/Showing how to do it to yourself and with your partner.

So when i was alone one night i watched that part and watched how you slide a finger in,First thought was a bit ewwww weird,But after a minute it was Mmmmmm wow

Now this is a thing i like to do when im feeling in a kinky mood

Anal was a new experience to me until 3 and half years ago when I met Mr S. Too be honest I'm still not a big fan, probably due to the pre-conception of it possibly being embarrassing. As I say on another thread I'm not a big fan but 'sort of' enjoy it because he does. It's not horrible but just doesn't really do anything for me.

Yea i do agree its the embarrassment part that can be a issue

There is also the issue that 'one shouldn't put one's thing in one place then another' if you know what I mean. Mr S doesn't like to cum in my ass as he prefers to cum in my pussy so we stop and he has to cleanse before continuing.

i found out through a partner, juts going about business as usual and then wham bam he was in my butt - good job i enjoyed it! since then some of my other partners have suggested it or i have mentioned it! still amazed at how shocked a bloke is when i say to them do you fancy doing me somewhere different!! i also practice alone though!!

I loved the figure of the female bottom from the moment I was old enough to realize how wonderfully curvy and appealing it was too my dirty little mind. But I after seeings a few images and videos from what my friends had shown me, I became intrigued in the idea of things going inside me, and when I found out about the whole, prostate and male G-spot thing, I wanted to try it out :) So one night in the bath, I decided I'd try slipping in a finger, and I became addicted ^_^ Then after finding myself a lovely girlfriend, I admitted to her how much it appealed to me and she understood and quickly got into it, and we were soon experimenting with toys and such, and I got her to like it too =] Anal is very very fun and playful, and I'm glad I like it ^_^

The only downside is the mess, I mean, no-one likes what comes from that hole itself, even if Its a really nice hole ^_^;; But thats what anal douches where made for, and my god are they handy.

I hated the very thought of it for years - my old ex tried it on me in the shower once, and being young and stupid there was no thought of any lube or anything! Predictably, it was incredibly sore, so I therefore banned him from the area.

After we broke up, I had an adjustment in my attitude to sex and started to think I might just be up for it... so my last bf broke me in after I asked him to :)

Now I love it! I'd never play by myself, though... I don't think I'd really enjoy it as much as I'm not a huge fan of having fingers up there anyway! Seems icky to me. I dread the day I meet a guy who's into anal play, because I'd be seriously reluctant to put my fingers up there!

Ermmm - playing around with a wine bottle in my mid teens (!!!)

My wife has over the years claimed not to like it, which is definitely down to upbringing as she always has her strongest orgasms when I'm using my fingers on her anally or when we're using sex toys, quite often her response is greater if she's stimulated anally as well.

She didn't try anal penetration for about our first 20 years together, now we do do so occasionally ...

I always play with myself even when in relationships... Like to have this time alone always!

It was a strange way we got interested in it when I needed a prostate exam I looked up all the information I could including the fact that it was the male g spot the rest is history .
One of the things a couple must get over is the myth that any botty play means that you are gay IT DOES NOT so there .

I can't put my own finger in my own ass (mental block lol) but I'm happy to finger his ass, and I love anal sex. It's not something I want to do as often as vaginal sex, but when we feel like it I'm up for it 99% of the time.

I only discovered it by accident. I was VERY outspoken about how much the idea grossed me out and made me shivver and I would absolutly never do it... then the bloke 'accidentally' got squirty cream there one night and and ended up rimming me. Liked that, so he gradually built me up to stroking it, then putting his finger inside. Then one night when he was teasting me in spoons, I could feel his errection there and was unusually excited by the fact, so... and now I'm a convert!

I guess when it comes to introducing it in a relationship, timing and gentleness are the key. If the bloke had outright asked me, then I would never have tried it, and would have totally tense up whenever he went anywhere near the area. Probably the only time that subterfuge is recommended!