So i have an idea

Tonight... Id love to tease my OH, maybe tie her up, blind fold and then put some headphones on her so she can LISTEN but not see something sexual to get her going

The question is, what do you suggest? I know the American type of porn with the fake screams wont do anything but i cant find anything...

Anyone any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

Just a thought but does your OH enjoy audio erotica ? If she does I would recommend a site called Literotica ....loads of audio stuff on there .

You could select something and play it through the headphones as she listens. My personal favourites are audios by a fella who goes by the name of Spurious . It's really quite a turn on to listen to and I should imagine with the blindfold and being tied up would be even more so .

If you're looking for actual porn then maybe some of the stuff thats aimed at women like X Art , there's none of the over the top secreeching it's more gentle moans etc but still pretty good :)

How about put it on hold for a short while & use the voice recorder on your phone to record yourselves.

Once you have a suitable session recorded why not then play it to her through 'phones.

Obviously I don't know how she'd react to you recording your sex so you'll have to gauge that but would that work?

Thats sounds brilliant and something i hadnt thought of!
Im going to look now...

My voice certainly isnt "sexy" enough!! Far too northern!!

Try looking for 'Art Porn', on various well known sites.

RandA wrote:

My voice certainly isnt "sexy" enough!! Far too northern!!

Personally I find a northern accent on a man very sexy !

Wow this is a fantastic idea! I would love that, blindfolded and listening to erotica whilst being pleasured. This is definitely going on my to do list!

thanks for everyones help!

Hope this idea also works for others!

Im struggling to find anything british on there?

My choice of music would be Athamay or something classical. If I was listening to audio porn I would be focusing on his voice and him instead of my man I think. Obviously just my personal opinion. Whereas music can be listened just by her or by both of you which can really set the mood for you both. Losing my sight (blindfold) works better for me rather than my hearing as I love to hear my hubbys voice and reactions to whatever is happening. I'm sure she will love all the effort you are putting into this 😊

Spurious is English and very hugh grant sounding 😊 I don't want to spoil anything for you but I think she would want to hear a voice very like yours for the reason I've given above.

Thanks for taking the time to reply ladies

I'm really impressed by the thoughtfulness of RandA and the replies were so helpful, I shall be trying the sites they suggest.

In 50 shades I seem to remember CG put dramatic classical music on her headphones before he "punished" the heroine. Could google that if it wouldn't feel too corny.

We've tried this and found white noise helped concentration, there are long loops of white noise on YouTube if anyone is interested.