So THIS is what we're all buying...

We're incredibly excited to share this study with you - it's been under wraps for MONTHS now!

We let super stats geek Jon Millward (author of Deep Inside: A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars) analyse 1 million of our sex toy sales, and this is what he came up with... I think you're all going to love this!

Grab yourself a cuppa and prepare for a giggle...


I saw this on twitter and thought it was really interesting reading.

I especially love the photos of all the different coloured dildos etc. It's so pretty!

That's so cool!

A lot of information there - lol. Facinating reading! :) xx

interesting read :)

So if ‘James’ ordered a Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator, he was coded as a male. If ‘Rachel’ bought a Jessica Rabbit 2.0, she was coded as a female. And if ‘Kim’ ordered a large gimp mask, he/she was coded as a sexual deviant.


Great read though, and all the diagram pictures are beautiful!

That was a fascinating read!

Just read it through and found it absolutely fascinating!

Very interesting, well written piece. Fun visuals too!

Really interesting read.

That is very interesting, gave me something to do while I was bored haha Xx

That's brilliant!

Excellent and interesting read. Will have to take a look at the stats later on my PC, hard to see on a phone.

That was quite insightful... Good read....also looks like I hover in the rarer end of demographics for some things☺

So interesting. I can't read it all right now cause it's a lot to process. So many sex toys on that page...

Wow very interesting indeed! Enjoyed that little read ^_^

Great article. Very interesting indeed.

I haven't read the full article yet but one thing stuck out for me right away: The number of sold batteries alone is horrendous! We should really try to buy more rechargeables.

Wow so many orders going out daily yet customer service are always so happy to help. Even when you make a mistake they fix it for you very few other places do that. Great article.

ahh man i really cant be arsed to read that many words...