So, which is better.......

....... hand selecting something from the LH range for yourself so it is exactly what you want, or being told that something unknown is going to arrive in the post?

which gives you the sexiest anticipation?

Ms WD xxxxx

I love suprises !!

Good question I am totally split 50/50.

I love surprises!

Would love for my oh to surprise me with something and I also love choosing 😌

I do love a surprise XD

I love surprise presents , unfortunately don't often get them.

Deffo surprises! Not been fortunate enough for a LH angel to buy me anything yet x

Surprises are always more fun :D

Except when they are unpleasant, NB

50/50 I guess! I'm still waiting for the hubby to surprise me with something off my wishlist(s) :-D

id love the surprise!

Yep I agree with most here, I love suprises too :)

Love the anticipation of opening a tester confirmation
email when you have lots of goodie
s on your list So its surprises all the way for me

I got a surprise yesterday off my oh totally unexpected and loved it was smiling all day and the anticipation to try it out was constantly there.

I like surprises but the problem is that it would require the person knowing what you enjoy. Or you may get a surprise which you cannot even use.

suprises are always fun

Surprise hands dowwn

I must be a control freak but i'd much rather select a product myself. Of course, if my partner bought me a gift (which he has done on occasion) I would be really chuffed he thought of me and wanted to surprise that in itself would be nice, but when it comes to certain things (like sex toys) where I know I have much more knowledge, I would rather choose, or give him a list of favourites (or my wishlist) and still get a "sort-of" surprise lol.

To be honest, I think he likes being given a list. He isnt one for shopping and would rather not spend all the time thinking and browsing, so I am happy with that! Aww we go so well together! lol

Same applies with him - he is a tech geek and I know nothing about PC's, so I ask for a list of stuff he needs or wants come christmas or birthdays.

Despite that, I still like to be surprised.....a massage, chocolate, flowers, I dunno....just not sex toys! lol

I'd rather choose something myself because I'm really picky, but my girlfriend sometimes buys me little surprise gifts and she always gets it right...probably because she has a link to my wishlist!